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Yes, you could go to a college and take some classes and do some activities and go to some events and think a few thoughts and get a diploma and get a job with a paycheck and have a standard-issue life. We want more. And if you want more, maybe you belong here.

We’re Fairfield University. We’re a Catholic, Jesuit university, rooted in one of the world’s oldest intellectual and spiritual traditions. We are located in the heart of a region where the future takes shape, on a stunning campus 200-acre on the Connecticut coast, an hour from New York City.

We believe that living and learning aren’t two separate activities. They’re parts of a coherent whole. Everything you do here – and everyone you meet here – adds up to something essential. The result is more than a job and a paycheck. The result is a mind (and a heart, and a spirit) that keeps expanding and seeking and growing. The result is an inspired life.

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Learn more about life at Fairfield University. Check out our view books for the full picture.

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