About Us

About Us

Our job at CTCC is to bring all of Connecticut’s colleges and universities together in order to find solutions to today’s issues related to the state’s civic and economic prosperity.

Our vision is simple:

Citizenship and economic prosperity are inseparable

We promote partnerships and action that connect economic prosperity and engaged citizenship. This vision runs parallel with the changes we are seeing in the culture of higher education as well as many of the funding and hiring priorities at the federal and state levels:

  • Presidents and academic leaders are speaking out about the need for education to improve in its ability to lead to better and more fulfilling careers
  • Students are passionate and vocal to a global audience about the need for their education to matter both to them and to the lives of the people around them
  • Faculty are increasingly vocal about the need to recognize their role as educators and scholars, both on campus and in communities
  • Communities are tired of being serviced by higher education. They wish to be equal partners in determining their paths to prosperity
  • Employers are increasingly seeking a dynamic, adaptive, global thinking workforce
  • Federal programs such as AmeriCorps are stressing the need for students to work with their communities in ways that help to develop their own careers and the workforce more broadly

We echo these sentiments and expressions of need in all that we do. For example, through our AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) program, in the past year service members have organized 4,500 students performing almost 50,000 hours of service to over 100 community organizations and schools. Presidents from across the country attend an annual summit, most recently to discuss the role of engagement in economic development. Our Student Advisory Council published a research paper outlining the need for a connected approach to civic education from youth through to the workforce, including a review of the literature on the evolving needs expressed by employers. Our Community Advisory Committee has published principles for partnerships that are being used to promote dialogue across the state. Our Eastern Region conference attracts over 200 professionals annually with the objective of advancing strong principles of engagement.

We are unique in our role and capacity within the state of Connecticut

  1. Campus Compact is led by Presidents of Connecticut’s higher education institutions and has a highly representative voice in governance.
  2. We convene most of the urban and rural, public and private, 2 and 4-year institutions and their close community partners.
  3. CTCC is one of 34 state affiliates within a national network of some 1,200 colleges and universities nationwide with significant capacity to instigate change and collaborate efficiently.
  4. Our AmeriCorps VISTA project is the largest in the state, with 15 VISTA members serving at 13 different institutions around Connecticut in 2012-13. This has resulted in thousands of college students performing many thousands of service hours for more than 100 different community partners and local schools.

How have we grown so much in such a short time?

 Our vision is simple and makes sense to a very wide audience, including higher education, government, employment and service sectors. There is a multiplying effect to what we try to do, so campus engagement builds both students’ careers and community resilience, while also promoting stronger, more sustainable partnerships. And the best is yet to come.


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