Ethics Statement

Ethics Statement

CT_white oak

The White Oak: A symbol for this state and for Connecticut Campus Compact

Civic and economic health are not gauged by their farthest reaching branches of success, but by the degree to which their many constituencies work together in mutual interest and for shared prosperity. Connecticut can thrive when its people respond to and identify with this sense of interconnectedness.

On any given day, CT Campus Compact’s programs and partnerships are helping to raise people out of poverty and promote a space for dignity and a desire to build community connectedness. Yet other initiatives are striving to advance the capacity for both scholarship and student education to meaningfully collaborate with identified communities on issues of public concern. University and college presidents, as members of ‘the Compact‘, are promoting their institutions’ public purpose and creating more diverse pathways to career and community success. The philosophy governing our every day’s work is, essentially, a root-to-branch approach to Connecticut’s shared prosperity.

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