ASLIS – Student Leaders

AmeriCorps Student Leaders in Service (ASLIS) is an AmeriCorps Education Award only program which engages college students as part-time AmeriCorps members. AmeriCorps Education Award only programs are designed to add value to on-going service initiatives through the education award and additional support and training. AmeriCorps Student Leaders in Service,  empowers college students to connect campuses and communities through active citizenship and service. As AmeriCorps members, college students will each provide direct service to community organizations. Through their service, students build the capacity of campus-community partnerships for long-term sustainability through volunteer recruitment and coordination, service program management and development, and by improving community knowledge of partnership-building resources.

AmeriCorps Student Leaders in Service is a regional effortto engage students in meaningful service with local communities. Administered by the Massachusetts Campus Compact, ASLIS will enroll 325 members in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico.

Katie Coutu manages the CTCC AmeriCorps Student Leader program.

Institutions in Connecticut with AmeriCorps Student Leaders:

Central Connecticut State University
Dwight Hall at Yale
Eastern Connecticut State University
Fairfield University
Manchester Community College
Northwestern Connecticut Community College
University of Bridgeport
University of New Haven
Wesleyan University

Program Forms:



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