Member Benefits

Benefits of Membership

Grants Awarded to Members

Over the past 3 years, CTCC has provided almost $100, 000 in grant funding to further civic engagement, service learning and community partnership-building. Click here for a description of some of these projects.

Student Education Only Awards

AmeriCorps Student Leaders in Service (ASLIS) is an AmeriCorps Education Award Only program which engages college students as part-time AmeriCorps members. AmeriCorps Student Leaders in Service is a regional effort to engage students in meaningful service with local communities. AmeriCorps Education Award Only programs are designed to add value to on-going service initiatives through the education award and additional support and training. AmeriCorps Student Leaders in Service enables college students to connect campuses and communities through active citizenship and service.

Summary of Other Benefits:

  • Trusted resources for presidents, faculty, community service directors, and community leaders, including books, periodicals, and extensive online resources for connecting campuses and communities
  • Successful campus models for community engagement, such as thousands of exemplary practices, program models, and sample syllabi across disciplines and institutional types
  • Funding for community outreach, with more than $26 million raised in the past decade
  • Value and visibility for presidents, including national leadership colloquia, influential public statements, special bulletins, and forums for promoting the public good of higher education
  • Extensive opportunities for faculty to attend institutes and workshops designed to deepen campus-based teaching and improve student civic learning
  • Professional development for administrators and staff, including workshops for chief academic officers and financial aid officers, and a new national training curriculum for community service and service-learning directors
  • Hands-on technical support through our national office, 30 state offices, and five regional consortia
  • Advocacy and policy work, including successful campaigns such as Save AmeriCorps as well as policy updates, action alerts, and online tools for affecting legislation
  • A growing national network of more than 950 campus presidents and chancellors who are committed to building strong communities and creating informed citizens

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