Student Engagement

Student Engagement

Our Student Advisory Council (SAC) has published “Civic Learning Developmental Pathway: Envisioning a framework for the engaged citizen“.

CTCC Board Chair and President of Fairfield University, Jeffrey von Arx, S.J. wrote in the Foreward:

As educators, we share a responsibility to engage students in learning for life. The decisions we make about how we create communities of learning greatly impact how students develop as informed and engaged citizens. This report by the Student Advisory Council of Connecticut Campus Compact finds that civic engagement plays a key role in fostering the very skills, knowledge and values that enable students to be successful.

In an excerpt on page 22:

CLDP Table

Student Development

Campus Compact works to develop students not only as active citizens but also as leaders in guiding their own civic and academic learning. Our initiatives both guide and recognize students’ efforts to make college a place to connect with the community.

Here are some ways students can use Campus Compact’s resources to become more effective advocates for change on campus and in the community:

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