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Undecided about Your Major? Think You’re Alone? Worried?



If you are undecided about your major – you are not alone!

–  50% of students entering college nationwide are unsure of their major

–  Somewhere between 55 % and 60% will change their major at least once and others two or three times.

It is quite common for students to enter college without a major declared. Many students come to college with an idea of what they want to  major in only to discover that it is not what they they thought it would be life. One of your jobs as a college student is to EXPLORE.

1 ) Attend the “Choosing a Major Workshop”…  Thursday, November 7, 2013– 6:30-7:30 Kelley Center Presentationake classes to meet the core requirements and take classes that interest you and see if you like them. The Career Planning Center is here to help you throughout this process. Here are a few additional resources that you should take advantage of if you are still trying to solidify your major:

This workshop which will discuss major and minor options, dispel myths concerning majors and careers, and offer resources to give you the information you seek.

2) Take a Career Assessment

The Career Planning Center offers the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory. These assessments are tools to help you gain more information about yourself…personality, skills, interests and values. No assessment can make the decision for you but provide a good starting point. For information about the assessments schedule an appointment with a career counselor. Email generic cialis prices. .

3 ) Explore the order cialis now.  website

The “What Can I Do With this Major” website is a greate resource that provides a general overview of majors and jobs associated with each major. It also includes additional resources for exploration.

3 ) Meet with a Career Planning Counselor

Schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss options and resources. Email A Achat Duphaston Fr. or call 203.254.4081. The office is located in the Kelley Center.

4 ) Additional Strategies:

–  Review Majors and develop a “short list”

–  Eliminate disciplines that you know you are not interested in

–  Consider your passions – what do you love? Ask yourself: What fascinates me?

–  Consider multiple interests:  Combine a major with a  minor or consider a  double major


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Sue Quinlivan

Associate Director, Career Planning Center

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