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It’s May 18th and you don’t have a job, DON’T Panic.

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At this point you are probably saying to yourself that’s easy for her to say, she has a job.  Let me admit something, I was that girl in 1980 who ran through the department store out into the parking lot wailing like a banshe because someone asked me if I had a job yet. Yes I do get it. Fun times! In some ways you are in much better shape statistically because back then the bulk of the recruiting did take place while you were still in school since everything was done with paper and fax machines and there were no other ways to get in touch with candidates. These days the majority of college graduate hiring actually begins now…when you can actually start the job.

Your accounting and finance friends  who have had jobs since early in the school year are in a different siutuation.  Many of the firms they are interested in hire “classes” the same way some companies have “leadership programs.”  If you were accepted into one of them congratulations; but that isn’t the majority of people.  Most firms hire based on need and have little idea in September what they are going to need come May or June.  Consider the ad agencies; they hire and release people based on contracts they have won or lost. Similarly, when they have an opening they want to fill it ASAP…not in three months when you graduate.  Are you beginning to see the picture?

Rather than panic this is a wonderful time to have Career Planning go over your resume one more time, hone your interviewing skills, or help review your search strategy.  Remember that great internship you had last semester where they said keep in touch?  Call your supervisor and buy her a cup of coffee.  Be honest and say that you are working on your search and are hoping she would offer you some guidance on companies that might be hiring or how to even get into that particular organization.

Have you put your list together of companies target companies?  Are they realisitic? Too narrow?  Think outside the box, sometimes the smaller companies will provide you with the greatest opportunities to learn a lot of skills that can help springboard you to working at that dream Fortune 500 job.  Consider all of your options.

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed?  The Career Center is a great place to come for a breather, a joke or a SNAP OUT OF IT! (But only in a good way.) Don’t forget, the Center is open all summer long for appointments, phone calls or skype meetings with you. Now breathe!



Cathleen Borgman

Cath Borgman

Director, Career Planning Center

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