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I grew up watching it in movies. That dream job a young, determined girl or guy just happens to land, you know the nonexistent ones. As you watch these characters walk around Manhattan with designer clothes, working for famous successful people and the best companies, you wonder how do I get where they are? I have wondered that same question over the past four years and never expected to find the answer when I signed up for the Alumni Job Shadow Day Program last fall.

When first hearing about this program, I was unsure whether it would actually be worth my time; however, after sending my application to a dozen or so companies without receiving much response I figured it was worth a shot. As part of the program, I was placed with alum Brian Williams who worked at MSL Group, a large Public Relations firm in downtown New York City. Although I had never heard of this company I was excited at the opportunity to see the inside workings of an actual Public Relations firm versus what I had learned about them in my textbooks.

During the following winter break I went into the city to spend the day shadowing Mr. Williams at his job as Vice President of MSL’s Consumer sector. We toured the office, sat in on client meetings with famous companies and went to an informational lunch with other MSL employees who answered any and all of my questions. However, apart from all the information I learned that day some of the best moments came from our unified stag pride. We talked about different Fairfield traditions such as Clam Jam, Midnight Breakfast, and Point Days. He told me about which beach houses he lived in while a student and how nights at the grape were exactly the same then as they are now. These moments lead to a bond which put my foot in the door and landed my summer internship position at the company.

With Brian’s help getting my resume to Human Resources, I was given the opportunity to  join MSL Group as a paid intern in the Personal Care sector this past summer where I became an intern for both the Feminine Care and Beauty and Luxury teams. As a member of these teams I was not assigned minimal tasks, but taken in and given work that was an important piece of the overall campaign. I was assigned tasks such as media monitoring, event planning, campaign pitching and a variety of meaningful writing projects. All of which allowed me to hone skills that will be useful in the future.

Through this internship I was able to work with clients I would never have before dreamed of such as Tiffany, Shiseido, Proctor and Gamble accounts, etc… This overall experience made for an amazing summer, but further amazing relationships. I still stay in contact with a variety of mentors and individuals I met while working at MSL. These connections leave the door open for my future possibilities in the PR industry because they already know my work habits and abilities.

On my first day in the MSL office, a few individuals had already heard from Brian “a fellow Stag” was joining the company. His pride for Fairfield led him to believe in my abilities as an intern because he knew where I had come from and what I was capable of. I cannot explain how thankful I am that I decided to apply for the Career Planning Center’s Alumni Job Shadow Program. Never in a million years did I expect to land an amazing internship by shadowing a Fairfield alum around over my winter break; however, this opportunity gave me the chance to be that determined girl who gets that inexistent, dream job.

Bottom line, if I could do it you could do it.

– Liz Koubek ’13

To apply,visit All applications must be completed by November 1st.


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If you are interested in Post Graduate Service or working for a Non-Profit organization be sure to stop by the Non-Profit & Post Grad Career Fair on Tuesday, November 12 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the Oak Room. Below is the list of attending organizations and let us know if you have any questions!

Amate House
Blessed Sarnelli Community
Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry
Capuchin Youth and Family Ministries
Career Resources, Inc.
Center for FaithJustice
Cristo Ray New York High School
CT Campus Compact
Fairfield University Campus Ministry
Good Shepherd Volunteers
Hartford Seminary
International Institute of Connecticut
Jesuit School of Theology, Santa Clara University
Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Jesuit Volunteer Corps-Northwest
Lasallian Volunteers
Maggie’s Place
Match Education
New Haven/Leon Sister City Project
Passionist Volunteers International
Project Purple
Providence Alliance for Catholic Teachers (PACT)
Public Allies Connecticut
Rostro de Cristo
RSHM Volunteer Program
Saint Martin de Porres High School
SSJ Mission Corps
Teach For America
The Starfish Foundation, Inc.
Volunteers in Mission – Bernardine Franciscan Sisters

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The waiting process after submitting a job application, meeting a recruiter or going on an interview is often nerve wracking. The stigma about job hunting is whether or not you should contact the employer. Following up after the interview is essential when it comes to getting a job. Here are several important tools that will leave a mark on the company you are interviewing with!

 Why is following up essential?

1) Following up with the interviewer shows that you exist. Companies have multiple tasks on their plates. Also if you are interviewing for a competitive position your resume will be filed in with many others. Sending a quick message to the interviewer could possibly be the edge you need against your competitors.
2) Following up shows that you are taking initiative. Sending an email to your interviewer will give you the opportunity to show your potential employer how dedicated and persistent you are. 

 Are there rules?

- You are not being annoying by following up with an employer. They appreciate you reaching out to them. Just make sure that you are not contacting them every day because they have jobs too.

- The amount of time it takes you to follow up is crucial. After your interview, send an email thanking the company for the interview, state that you enjoyed the interview and lastly that you hope to work with their company in the near future. This shows the employee how much you are invested in the position.

- Following up with an employer is essential if something changed in your certifications or your experience expressed on your resume. It is also a great topic of discussion that will get you onto their hiring radar.

- You should follow up with an employer even if you are unsure you will be getting the position. Be positive about following up and look at it as an opportunity for constructive and unbiased criticism. This will show employers that you are receptive to feedback and also they could possibly keep you in mind for a future position.

 What are the avenues I can use to follow up with an employee?

- You can send a quick email but make sure to keep this short and simple.

- You can contact your employer over LinkedIn

- You can also use Twitter

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Katie Brundage ‘15

Career Planning Peer Advisor



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We’ve all seen those famous commercials with William Shatner, but did you know that representatives from will be at the Career Fair this Thursday, September 26th? helps users obtain discount rates for travel-related purchases such as airline tickets and hotel rooms. The company is also headquartered right in Norwalk, Connecticut! There are currently four internship opportunities available at, including positions in software engineering, finance, and customer service.

For more information about the internships we hope to see you this THURSDAY at the Career Fair and check out buy sale viagra. !

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Next week recruiters from Big Four will come to campus to meet with students to discuss opportunities with their firm – Check out the schedule below & we hope to see you there!



Ernst & Young – Office Hours

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Location: Career Planning Center



PricewaterhouseCoopers – Office Hours

10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Location: Career Planning Center



Deloitte – Resume Review

12:30 pm -4:30 pm

Location: Career Planning Center



Sweet Life at KPMG

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Location: Career Planning Center



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tablets uses. Ed Injection Treatment. Whether you landed your DREAM internship or you’re at a company that might not be your first choice, consider this experience an audition for your future. This is your time to apply all of the skills you learned from the classroom and life thus far to the REAL world. Here are some tips to make sure you nail that audition and make the most of your internship.

Come Prepared on Day 1

Do your research! I know what you are thinking… But this isn’t the interview, why do I need to continue to read up on/ research the company? Well, it’s simple – you’re an intern and you are still in the “proving yourself” stage. Read up on the company’s products, keep up on any articles that surface in the news, learn about their competitors – you never know when your research will come in handy. Similarly learn the names and faces of the big players in the company. You don’t want to end up being on an elevator with the CEO and start talking about something inappropriate. On the same token, if you do end up in an elevator with an important person, this might be a good time to say hello and introduce yourself. Knowing their name will be impressive – that’s a promise.

Work Hard & Effectively

Put your cell phone down, don’t check social media (unless that is part of your job description) and focus on the task at hand. Treat every day of your internship like it’s an audition, the biggest game of you athletic career, or your final Glee Club performance – WORK HARD. My former coach used to always tell me “Steph, hard work is only worth something if it’s effective”.  Imagine running your heart out in a race and then realizing that you are running in the completely wrong direction. Sure, you ran fast andyou tried hard, but you still never made it to the finish line. One main tip to working hard effectively is to ask questions when you don’t know what’s going on. Imagine you just got an assignment from your manager and you have no idea how to do it. Do not smile, nod and tell them “I got this!”  Instead, ask them some questions and make sure you understand what it is you are charged with doing. You can either be the intern who asks questions and tries hard to get it right, or you can be the one screws up a project because you wanted to seem like you knew what you were doing. I strongly suggest you avoid the later.

Stay Positive

Staying positive is extremely important in any internship. Even if the experience isn’t all you thought it would be, it is important that you remain upbeat and keep a good attitude. The goal of your internship is to learn, network, and leave with a strong reference from your boss. At the end of the day, if you really don’t like what you are doing – it is only three months… You will survive! Here’s another secret, generally speaking people like having interns. They remind them about how excited they were when they started their career. That positive attitude might get your more responsibilities and will definitely transcend into a positive reputation at the firm.

Request Feedback & Be Receptive To It

Periodically throughout your internship request meetings with your boss to assess how things are going. You want to know how you are doing and what you could be doing better. Once you get feedback, USE IT. Even if your boss says you aren’t hacking it – take the advice they are giving and change the way you are doing things.

Network, Network, Network

If you don’t remember anything else, remember this – networking will get you your job. Networking basically means building and maintaining relationships. Keep in mind if your internship is in the field you want to work, then you’re more than likely going to be running into these individuals for the rest of your career – the world is small. When you are in your internship try and meet as many people as you can, but don’t just introduce yourself. Talk to them. Learn about what they do, where they came from, and where they are going to go. People love to talk about what they do so listen! One tip is to send an email or “thank you” note to everyone you meet, it’s a foolproof way to ensure that they remember you. Your most valuable resource during your internship is the people that you’re surrounded by – even your fellow interns.


At the conclusion of your internship be sure to talk to your manager about what you got out of the experience and thank him/her for giving you the opportunity to work there. At the end of the day, people love feeling appreciated and even a simple expression of gratitude may even help you land a full time job.


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Steph Gallo

 Associate Director,  Career Planning Center

Bookmark and Share Cialis Jamaica Buy. Levitra 20 Mg In Hobbs. Classes have been out for 1 week, you have already made your way through the first 3 seasons of Mad Men, and your butt has made a very permanent dent on the couch.  I think it might be time to get up and do something. Here are a few things you can do to make the most of your summer.


This is clearly the preferred and obvious way to spend your summer. Internships provide you with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and practice the skills you learned in the classroom. These experiences are not just resume builders (although they do take up a lot of white space), they help you decide what your interests are and what you want to do. You might think that you want to work in finance, but then after a summer of interning in corporate finance you find out it is not for you.

Despite what you might have heard, it is not too late to get an internship. Continue to check out A Donde Comprar Cialis Espana Es. ).


If the internship route was not in the cards, do not fret! There are plenty of other ways for you to gain valuable experience. Being a volunteer provides you with an opporuntity to give back to the community and gain real world experience. If it’s an option, be strategic about what volunteer opportunities you take on and try to tie it into your career interest. Are you a marketing major? Maybe a local non-profit needs help with community outreach and engagement via social media! Are you interested in writing? Ask to start a blog for your local soup kitchen. Really the options are endless.

There are a bunch of different ways for you to find out about volunteer opportunities – check out cheap online price price viagra. and other sites that aggregate opportunities. Campus Ministry might also know of some places that need volunteers during the summer. Ask around, you will find something!


Participating in research is another great way to spend your summer. There are many Research summer programs in various fields – economics, engineering, science, mathematics, and even business. Even if you do not want to work in academia after college, the skills you gain through research – gathering and synthesizing data – can be used in any career. Like traditional internships, some research programs recruit students in the spring to join their team. But it is not too late to reach out to a local University to see if they need any extra hands. It cannot hurt to ask!


Summer is also a great time for you earn some CASH. There is nothing wrong with having a plain old summer job. The reality of our world is that college and life is expensive!

Be Creative

Another smart way to spend your summer is building your personal brand and being creative. Are you an inspiring writer? Spending you summer creating a blog, potential employers will check it out. Do you plan on being a computer programmer after graduation? Write some code! Are you interested in marketing or social media? Start a tumblr focused on something you are interested in.  You would be surprised how important it is for you to have some tangible evidence that you are innovative  creative, and different (especially if you plan on entering a creative field or plan on working for a creative company). Moral of the story, one way to set yourself a part from your peers is to follow your interests and be creative.


The summer is a great time for you to network! Networking comes in many forms – but one of our favorite ways is through Informational Interviewing (Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction. ).

Either way, get off the couch and do something this summer… You will not regret it!


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Steph Grejtak

 Assistant Director,  Career Planning Center


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Body language is as much a part of your communication style as what you say verbally – it’s really about how you say it. Impressions are made within seconds of reviewing body language. For that reason, it is extremely important that you are aware of how you communicate non verbally before you go into an interview. Do you have any nervous habits such as tapping your foot, scratching your face, or twirling your hair? If you do, you are not alone… But it is important that you are aware of these habits so you can control them when you need to.

Non verbal communication refers to more than just nervous habits. According to non-verbal communication accounts for over 90% of the message you are sending in your job interview! Your verbal content only provides 7% of the message the interviewer is receiving from you. Consider the handshake. While it may take less than 10 seconds to complete a handshake, in that time, the interviewer has already developed an impression of your character based on eye contact and the firmness of your shake. The same goes for eye contact and the way you sit in your chair. These things might seem small, but they say a lot about your communication style and who you are.

The blog Careerrealism points out that a weak handshake and lack of eye contact can leave the impression you are timid and insecure. A sincere and firm handshake with eye contact expresses professionalism and confidence. An overpowering handshake with a fixed gaze may come across as overconfident and arrogant. So, be cautious with your next handshake and start the interview off with a positive impression.

Here are some other tips to avoid common non verbal mistakes.



Sue Quinlivan

Sue Quinlivan

Associate Director, Career Planning Center

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Taking a Virtual Internship – The Positives & Negatives

vi 12Over the last 6 months the Career Planning Center (@FairfieldCPC) has been tweeting jobs like crazy.  Every day when I go on to Twitter to scan for hot jobs/internships, I frequently come across “Virtual Internships” or positions that don’t require students ever to set foot in an actual office.  Sometimes referred to as “telecommuting” or “offsite work,” virtual employment has officially become a trend. Many of the opportunities that we have  seen come from, which lists more than 8,000 virtual positions, a 20% increase over last year.

What does a virtual internship entail you might ask? Well, it really depends on the company you are working for. Generally speaking many of the positions available are in fields that are most conducive to working independently and in an online setting. Currently, the greatest number of virtual internship opportunities are in sales, marketing, and social media; though a growing number are showing up in graphic design and software development. Seeing that this is a new trend, we wanted to discuss some of the positives and negatives to taking a virtual internship.


Flexible Hours: With virtual internships students have the opportunity to gain professional experience without interrupting their everyday life. That means they could still be the Vice President of their student organization, play Division I athletics, and take a full load of classes all while interning. Remote interns enjoy flexible hours, allowing them to juggle class schedules and even part-time jobs.

No Costs: Another plus is students won’t incur commuting and housing expenses, which we all know can really add up.

Double Time: If you could handle the work load, virtual internships allow you to take on more than 1 internship at a time. With virtual employment, the focus is on completing your assigned duties, not spending time in an office twiddling your thumbs.

It’s EXPERIENCE: One of the biggest and most obvious perks to taking a virtual internship is the fact that you are getting professional experience. In this day and age getting experience and having internships on your resume is absolutely paramount when looking for full-time employment.


Miss Out on Some Important Lessons: One real downside to taking a virtual internship is they don’t always provide the crucial lessons that can come from actually being in the office like insight into professional expectations, corporate culture and office etiquette.

Personal Relationships: Students who work virtually might not have the opportunity to develop close relationships with staff members or managers, which is one of easiest ways to build your personal network. As we all know, networking is key in the job search process and when looking to move up the corporate ladder.

To find virtual internships visit, keep your eyes on Twitter, or come in to meet with one of the Career Planning Counselors.


Steph Grejtak

 Assistant Director,  Career Planning Center

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