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Employer Spotlights: Cognolink, Synchrony Financial, and Diageo

Stags4Hire is THE resource for finding a job or internship. Many exciting companies are looking for candidates from Fairfield University. We get new job and internship postings every day so we recommend that you check Stags4Hire often for opportunities that fit your career goals.  Following are a few highlights!

Cognolink (www.cognolink.com)

congolinkCognolink is a primary research firm that connects investors and businesses to critical intelligence. The organizations they work with include private equity firms, hedge funds, mutual funds and management consultancies. While they each have different investment styles and philosophies, what they share is a desire to access the most authoritative information direct from the source. The entry level positions at Cognolink are research positions where you will source and identify industry experts and thought leaders and connect them with investors. If you are confident, curious, professional and resourceful, this opportunity is for you! The Cognolink team is diverse, international and constantly growing. Check out the two open positions on Stags4Hire (links below). Open to all majors.

Research Coordinator – 2015 GRADS APPLY!! – DUE 10/8

Research Analyst – DUE 10/19

Synchrony Financial (www.synchronyfinancial.com)

20140728_Synchrony-IPOIf you are interested in an accelerated Business Leadership Program that exposes you to three rotations within a specific career track of Sales, IT, Finance or Risk Management, Synchrony Financial may be just the place for you. Synchrony Financial is one of the premier consumer financial services companies in the United States. They are the largest provider of private label credit cards in the United States based on purchase volume and receivables. They are a new company based on 80 years of heritage where people are their greatest asset. You will experience challenging and meaningful work and learn from leaders in the industry. If you are ambitious and a team player, go to Stags4Hire today and apply for on of the 8 summer internship or a full time positions posted on Stags4Hire.

Sales Intership – DUE 10/31

Business Leadership Program – Sales – 10/31

IT Internship – DUE 10/10

Finance Internship – DUE 10/10

Risk Internship – DUE/10

Business Leadership Program – IT – DUE 10/7

Business Leadership Program – Finance – DUE 10/7

Business Leadership Program – Risk – DUE 10/7

Diageo (www.diageo.com)

diageo_logoAre you interested in a career in finance but not sure that banking is for you? Why not try a career in corporate finance at the world’s leader in the premium drinks business? Diageo is a global company with an outstanding collection of brands like Johnnie Walker, Ciroc, and Guinness Stout. Their North American headquarters are located close by in Norwalk, CT. Diageo is hiring current seniors for their Finance Leadership Development Program that begins in June 2015. FLDP is a three year program that will build a diverse set of financial skills through rotations in commercial finance, financial planning, reporting and analysis. You will get to work closely with senior leaders and gain essential leadership and functional capabilities that will serve you well in a career in finance.

Finance Leadership Development Program Associate – 10/17


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Employer Hiring Cycles – What to Expect and How We Can Help

Recruiting activity is underway with upcoming on campus interviews, workshops, the Fall Career Fair, Law School Fair, Non Profit Fair, and Nursing Fair all happening this fall. Stags4Hire is continually being updated with new internship and job opportunities. You want to make a point to actively review positions. These are one of many ways to actively search for an internship or job.

In general, different industries will hire at different times of the year.  The fall is a very busy time for accounting, finance and consulting.  In the winter and throughout spring, you’ll see opportunities shift to include other business, manufacturing and engineering areas, as well as media, consumer products, science and research, technology, government, nonprofit, education and the arts/creative industries.  Larger organizations tend to hire earlier in the year and smaller/mid-size organizations hire on a as need basis. This means a position opens when someone leaves the organization and they need to replace the individual.

If you are not sure when the industries that you are most interested in will be hiring, talk with a career counselor to better understand the hiring cycles you’ll be working with.  If your industry hires on an as needed basis or most often positions begin to open in the spring, then fall is a great time to do background research and begin reaching out utilizing LinkedIn to connect with alumni and professionals for networking conversations.  Take steps now to prepare for the internship or job search process. You will be better prepared as opportunities arise and build confidence.  We’re here to help you create a search plan that will work best for you – whatever your career interests may be.

For more info check out On-Campus Recruiting: Myths and Realities


Sue Quinlivan

Sue Quinlivan

Associate Director, Career Planning Center

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Welcome Back, we missed you!

Welcome back

Another summer is in the books and campus is BUZZING again! All of us here at the Career Planning Center are ready and can’t wait to get going. We have a lot of fun things planned for the year already. Below are a few events that are coming up in the next couple weeks (for more information, visit OrgSync):


Monday Sept. 8 5:30 pm Kelley Center

“How I got My Internship” – Peer Panel Discussion & Breakfast

Wednesday Sept. 10 10:30 am BCC 200

Accounting Firms Welcome Back Dessert Social 

Wednesday Sept. 10 1:00 – 3:00 pm BCC 200

Dress For Success @ the LOFT ( CPC & Her Campus) 

Wednesday Sept. 17 7:00 – 9:00 pm  LOFT in Downtown Fairfield (Off shuttle route)

To make an appointment with a Career Counselor, call our office at 203-254-4081 or email us at CPC@fairfield.edu. Appointments are 45 minutes and counselors are able to help you with a variety of things – resumes, cover letters, interview preparation, major selection, or if you just want to talk through any career options. We will continue to have walk in hours from 1:30 – 4:00 pm Tuesday through Friday where you are able to meet with a very knowledgeable Career Peer Adviser (CPA) for basic questions and resume reviews.

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Stags4Hire Internship Spotlight – 8/26!


As promised, every week we are going to highlight some internships on Stags4Hire that catch our eye… You have to have a profile on Stags4Hire to apply for these positions. Please keep in mind that the application deadlines for some of these positions is approaching.If you have any questions about the system, feel free to reach out to us at any time – CPC@fairfield.edu or 203-254-4081.

Be sure to apply now, you don’t want to miss out on these great opportunities!

Bigelow Tea – Fall Intern- Supply Chain Management
dLife – Social Media Marketing Intern & Marketing Intern
Eze Software Group – Leadership Development Program
HamletHub – Hands On Marketing Internship
The Voice Ad House – Advertising Intern 
O’Shaughnessy Asset Management – Client Service and Sales (Academic Year 2014-15) &  Client Service and Sales  (Summer 2015)
Moffly Media – Events Marketing/Sales Internship
Wright Investor’s Service - Intern
GigMasters – Marketing Internship & Event Management Internship
Healthy Brands Collective – Marketing Interns
Connecticut Film Center – Internship with Film Production Services Company
Merrill Lynch – Intern to Wearable Tech Start Up in Darien CT
Cruice Financial Org. – Intern
betty & ko – Organic Beauty Brand Internship & Organic Beauty Brand: Accounting/Finance Internship
Lumesis, Inc. – Data Intern & Graphic Design/Video Production Intern
Tauck – Intern in Travel Industry! (For College Credit)
King of Harts – Part time Business/ Marketing Fall & Spring Internship
kystream Markets – Accounting Internship- Skystream Markets
The Barbashop - Part-Time Personal/Office Assistant Intern Wanted at Commodity Hedge Fund
Lifecare, Inc. – Project Management Internship
Ward Group – Intern
ITT Corporation – Tax Intern
The McIntyre Group – IT Internship-Fall Semester
Graziano Associates – Marketing Intern
Persifor, Inc. – Fall Intern
Save the Children – Fall Digital Marketing & Analytics Internship
Connections Public Relations & Special Events – Intern to work with Owner of Public Relations & Special Events Company
Danielides Communications – Public Relations Intern

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Stags4hire Internship Spotlight!


Every week we are going to highlight some internships on Stags4Hire that catch our eye… You have to have a profile on Stags4Hire to apply for these positions. If you have any questions about the system, feel free to reach out to us at any time – CPC@fairfield.edu or 203-254-4081.

Be sure to apply now, you don’t want to miss out on these great opportunities!

Fall 2014 Internships 

Subway World Headquarters – Sports Marketing and Strategic Partnerships Internship at SUBWAY World Headquarters 

The Center for Family Justice – Foundation Intern (Grant Writing / Development)

BrideClick – Sales & Marketing Internship 

Harbor Yard Sports & Entertainment – Event Night Internship   &  Ticket Sales Intern 

Revelry Agency –Digital Marketing/Communications Intern 

DeVries Global –  DeVries Global PR Fall Internship

NBC Universal – NBCUniversal Fall Production Internships 

Beirne Wealth Consulting – Internship- investment management 

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It’s May 18th and you don’t have a job, DON’T Panic.

panic button

At this point you are probably saying to yourself that’s easy for her to say, she has a job.  Let me admit something, I was that girl in 1980 who ran through the department store out into the parking lot wailing like a banshe because someone asked me if I had a job yet. Yes I do get it. Fun times! In some ways you are in much better shape statistically because back then the bulk of the recruiting did take place while you were still in school since everything was done with paper and fax machines and there were no other ways to get in touch with candidates. These days the majority of college graduate hiring actually begins now…when you can actually start the job.

Your accounting and finance friends  who have had jobs since early in the school year are in a different siutuation.  Many of the firms they are interested in hire “classes” the same way some companies have “leadership programs.”  If you were accepted into one of them congratulations; but that isn’t the majority of people.  Most firms hire based on need and have little idea in September what they are going to need come May or June.  Consider the ad agencies; they hire and release people based on contracts they have won or lost. Similarly, when they have an opening they want to fill it ASAP…not in three months when you graduate.  Are you beginning to see the picture?

Rather than panic this is a wonderful time to have Career Planning go over your resume one more time, hone your interviewing skills, or help review your search strategy.  Remember that great internship you had last semester where they said keep in touch?  Call your supervisor and buy her a cup of coffee.  Be honest and say that you are working on your search and are hoping she would offer you some guidance on companies that might be hiring or how to even get into that particular organization.

Have you put your list together of companies target companies?  Are they realisitic? Too narrow?  Think outside the box, sometimes the smaller companies will provide you with the greatest opportunities to learn a lot of skills that can help springboard you to working at that dream Fortune 500 job.  Consider all of your options.

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed?  The Career Center is a great place to come for a breather, a joke or a SNAP OUT OF IT! (But only in a good way.) Don’t forget, the Center is open all summer long for appointments, phone calls or skype meetings with you. Now breathe!



Cathleen Borgman

Cath Borgman

Director, Career Planning Center

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Managing your stress as the year comes to an end – Some Tips from CPC



In my estimation, April and May are the most stressful months of the entire academic year. You come back from spring break, only to go on Easter break, and the last day of classes is looming. This means you probably have a back-breaking amount of reading, studying, and paper writing to be doing. You are also figuring out summer or post-grad plans, registering for class, attending events, selecting housing (that’s a particular joy for a group of friends), and trying to enjoy the random nice days outside after a miserable winter. If there was a mantra for this time of year, I think it would be “There’s never any time!”. You may be too young for that particular Saved By The Bell reference but if you have 2 minutes I encourage you to check out this quick run through of the episode on YouTube, you won’t be disappointed (Cue the intense music & spandex) – SAVED BY THE BELL.

So, if you are counting yourself among the completely stressed out then it’s time to do something about it. The truth is that if you can learn how to deal with stress in college than you are going to be in a much better place when you’re working 60 hours a week, clients are on your case, and you’re trying to retain some semblance of a social life. Trust me.

Eat and Sleep Well

There are a hundred excuses why you don’t have the best eating habits right now ranging from not finding what you want in the dining hall to not being able to afford a ton of produce from the grocery store. Instead of trying to do a massive overhaul of your eating habits focus on one or two things. Eat more fruits/veggies, drink more water, try not to eat a ton late at night, eat breakfast, etc. Your next step is to try to get one some sort of consistent sleep schedule. It’s not easy to do but not getting enough sleep is likely the number one thing preventing you from feeling like a fully functioning human being.

Eliminate Distractions

If you have work to do then you need to get out of your room or social spaces. Go reserve a private room at the library or find an empty classroom and get to it. If you’re feeling particularly brave, leave your phone at home. Your Instagram feed will be much more interesting if you’re not looking at it every 15 minutes. Oh and we all have that friend that isn’t exactly the best influence on us when it comes to buckling down and getting school work done. Avoid that person like the plague.

Give Your Brain A Break

All you need to is 30 minutes. If the gym is your thing then head on down to RecPlex for a chance to release your stress on the cardio machine of your choice. Lift a weight, maybe a few times. Heck, walk around campus at a “I woke up late for class” pace. Regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress, ward off anxiety/depression, improve self-esteem, and improve sleep. Go sweat it out! You can also just take a break and relax. Go find a quiet place on campus and give yourself a moment to reflect. Do you know there’s a zen garden on campus? Find it.


You have a lot of things to get done but they all have different deadlines. Break big projects into smaller parts and give yourself deadlines/check points so that you’re not pulling all-nighters to get things done. Things are going to pop up throughout the next few weeks and you need to decide now how are you going to respond. Some things you’re going to need to deal with immediately, others you can postpone, and some you should just plain ignore.

Seek out support.

Who do you trust on campus besides your friends? Sometimes our friends can be a part of our stress so it’s always good to have some other mentors and resources to chat with. These can be professors, staff members, or Jesuits that you know and trust. In addition, take advantage of free resources that exist to help you deal with stress including talking with someone at Counseling & Psychological Services. Some day you will pay a pretty penny to talk to a therapist so enjoy your free sessions now!

If an internship or job search is contributing to your stress level, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Career Planning to talk more about that. We can help you get on the right track and bring your anxiety level down so you can focus on making the most of the last weeks of the school year.


Meredith Marquez

Meredith Tornabene, Associate Director





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4 Internship Websites to favorite – InternQueen, Internship.com, Youtern & FindSpark!

If you are currently on the hunt for an internship I know that you have probably researched countless sites. The last thing you probably want is another website, but I am here to tell you that there are four websites that you should definitely add into your favorites.



Lauren Berger, also known as the Intern Queen, completed 15 internships before graduating college. In 2009 she created InternQueen.com, which is a free website that will assist you in finding an internship. All you have to do is sign up for an account and upload your resume and cover letter. The website lists internship opportunities not only around the country, but it also features some internships overseas. An added bonus are the countless articles that are written by Lauren, her staff and even Campus Ambassadors ( I am a proud Campus Ambassador myself!). I would also recommend following her twitter account @InternQueen for useful tips.




Youtern features some of  the best career related articles around. If you are looking for information on creating a resume, what to wear to a job interview and tons of info graphics, then this is the website for you. Although this website does post great internship opportunities, its greatest posts are definitely their informative articles. I have learned so many additional tips from Youtern that have helped me with interviews or questions I had about creating a resume or cover letter. I would also recommend following their account on @YouTern on Twitter  because they often tweet out their articles multiple times a day.



This is one of my favorite website to find internships. Many of the internships that the @FairfieldCPC twitter account retweets are from this website. At times things can be overwhelming because there are a lot of internships to apply for. But I believe that is a good thing because then you have a variety to apply too. When applying to internships remember, it’s always better to have a variety to apply too compared to not finding any at all. If you aren’t looking for articles to read and just want a list of internships, then this one is definitely for you. Keep in mind though; your twitter feed will have a lot of great internships that you will want to apply too. So make sure that you keep an excel sheet to keep everything organized.



FindSpark, formerly NYC interns, was founded by Emily Miethner. This interactive website is great because it combines internships, helpful articles and networking events. I love this account because you have the best of everything. Not only is the site very interactive, but I also enjoyed attending one of the FindSpark conferences. If you ever get a chance, I would definitely recommend attending one of these conferences because they will be helpful for when you start your job search and allow you to connect with some really impressive people in different creative fields. If you want additional tips from this great site follow their twitter account @FindSpark.

Good luck on your internship quest! It may seem overwhelming now but if you keep everything organized you will definitely do a great job making it through this process. If you need additional help with your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn account make sure to stop by the Career Planning Center. Or you can even follow us @FairfieldCPC if you have any questions, want to see what articles we retweet, or want to hear our quick tips on your #RoadtoStagcess.









Allanah Dykes ’16

Social Media & Marketing Intern, Career Planning Center 

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