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Alumna/Professor Publication!

More good news for the department: Dr. Serazio and former Fairfield undergraduate Wanda Szarek (2011) received word last month that their article, “The art of producing consumers: A critical textual analysis of post-communist Polish advertising” was accepted for publication in the European Journal of Cultural Studies. Here’s the abstract:

“This article offers a critical textual analysis of hundreds of advertisements that appeared in Polish magazines at a pivotal historical juncture: following the collapse of communism and at the rise of a capitalist market economy in the early 1990s. It draws out from the visual and rhetorical data emblematic themes and sociocultural undercurrents concerning entrepreneurial opportunism and financial reassurance, status envy and post-rationing excess and interconnected solidarity with the West through brands and the English language itself. By studying the anxieties and aspirations represented in this symbolic material, we might better understand how new consumers were ideologically shepherded through a moment of profound political transition. The study represents a starting point for future investigation into how advertising produces its subjects in the aftermath of communism.”

Congratulations to Mike and Wanda!

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Digital Marketing Event at Sacred Heart

A panel of practitioners and professionals will be discussing the blossoming field of digital marketing on Wednesday, February 13 at 6:30 in the Schine Auditorium at Sacred Heart University.

The event is intended to shed light on a field that has seen a lack of talent in the area and to “highlight the diversity of players, career paths and skill sets within the field. ”

For more information, click here.

To register online for the event, click here.

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