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Welcome Back (and some Changes)!

Welcome back Communication majors!  We hope everyone is having a great start to the semester.  A few notes and changes as the semester gets underway that you may want to note:

New Chair

Dr. Wills has admirably finished her term as departmental chair and Dr. Gudelunas is now chairing the department.  Consequently, Dr. Gudelunas can now be found in DMH 227 and Dr. Wills in DMH 203.  Stop by and say hello to either!

Faculty on Research Leave

This semester Dr. Searzio and Dr. Arendt are both are both on pre-tenure leave.  They won’t be teaching this semester or available for regular advising/office hours.  Wish them luck as they set the research world on fire with some exciting new scholarship.  They’ll be back next semester, don’t panic.  In the meantime if either is your advisor, please feel free to see Dr. Gudelunas or any other full-time member of the Department that can help you out.

New Internship email contact

Dr. Gudelunas is no longer coordinating the undergraduate internship program die to his chairing responsibilities.  Dr. Serazio will be handling Fall internships (even while on leave), and Dr. Arendt Spring internships.  We know this may be confusing (not really) but we have simplified the contact information.  For any and all internship questions, just email  The right person will get back to you!  As a reminder, everything you could ever possibly want to know about internships can be found here.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @FairfieldComm and bookmark this blog for news and information that majors can use!  Have a great semester!

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