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Get to Know a Professor: Chris D’Amico

http://www.drvc.org/joomla/over-night-cialis/ without script. Chris D’Amico is an adjunct professor in Communication. He holds a BA in Communication from Albertus Magnus College and a MS in Communication Studies from the College of New Rochelle. Here’s a little more about him and his approach to the field in his own words:

Why Communication?

We do it all the time! I recall my first “Effective Communication” course as an undergrad, the professor opens the class by saying “We can not not Communicate!” —Most of the students in the room looked at him as if he had three heads but from that moment on, it just clicked for me.  We communicate all the time without even realizing it. I love the fact that we can communicate volumes without saying a single word!

What’s the most interesting thing to you about the field?

I love the diversity of the field. One can study a specific communication context or dig deeper and see how this affects “me” and the world I live in. It really can change a person’s attitudes and beliefs.

What has been your favorite course to teach?

My favorite course to teach is Gender and Communication. It is awesome to take a step back and really examine what men and women are all about. How women and men really do communicate differently! The similarities and differences are absolutely amazing to observe and study!

Another course I love to teach is CO 101: Argument & Advocacy. I remember that this class broke me out of my protective shell. I try to help those who may have a hard time speaking in front of others to overcome these obstacles and utilize what they are feeling and channel it and use it to their advantage.

What’s the best course you’ve ever taken in or related to the field of Communication?

Mass Media Law. It was the hardest class I ever enrolled in but it was worth it. The 1st Amendment is extremely powerful. Having the opportunity to examine past court cases, laws and the many ways it has impacted past and present day society is amazing.

Do you have any interesting hobbies?

I am a Canadian and U.S. coin collector. I am also a television game show fanatic. Current day shows are great but I love to watch older game shows such as “Match Game” or ” I’ve got a Secret.” Fun fact: the game show host of “Match Game,” Mr. Gene Rayburn and I have the same birthday!

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