cheap online price price viagra. News and notes from the Communication program @ Fairfield

Fairfield students present at DePauw honors conference Cialis Generico Uk. . The annual event is designed to encourage undergraduates and major Communication scholars to interact and share ideas.

Emily Andresen (2013) presented her paper, “To Tweet You Is To Know You: Investigating the Celebrity Parasocial Relationships on Twitter,” which she co-authored with Samantha Helm, Carolyn Schauber, and Georgia Tiftikidis.

Samantha Goodnow (2013) presented, “SES, Communication, and College Friendships.” The paper focused on the relationship between socioeconomic status and the formation and maintenance of college friendships and was co-authored with Kristen Dimmling, Danielle Manzella, and Ellen Padovano.

While noting that many of the papers at the conference shared some of the same format and writing techniques, Goodnow added, “The differences were in all of our original ideas, and it was really neat to see how a bunch of similar students from all over the country could have such different perspectives and insights and could develop such critical examinations through their papers.”

Congratulations to Emily and Samantha for attending and to Samantha, Carolyn, Georgia, Kristen, Danielle, and Ellen for their academic achievement!

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