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In the beginning…

We’ll admit that we’re a little partial to words around here: Communication is, after all, at the heart of what we do as human beings.  It defines and maintains our realities, identities, relationships, communities, and cultures.  In our teaching and research, we construct, measure, critique, and analyze communication in all its glorious (and, all too often, not-so-glorious) forms.  Whether it be spoken, written, or broadcast, we’ve got a collective mind for messages and the gift of gab to go along with it.  So you can see why a blog might be an enticing outlet for departmental goings-on.

Thus, we give you: CommBlog, a running record of notable news in and around Fairfield University’s Department of Communication.  Whether it be research publications and conference presentations from our dynamic faculty or student accomplishments in and opportunities for our undergraduate and master’s programs, count on this to be your one-stop shop for all things Fairfield Communication.  If there are events or stories you’d like to see highlighted or linked, don’t hesitate to pass along your tips to: mserazio at

We’ll do our darnedest to run all the news that’s fit to print.  Welcome to CommBlog!

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