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From Russia With Media

What is the experience of media consumption in everyday Russian life?  On Wednesday, February 29th, at noon, Inna Pronicheva will give her audience a glimpse of Russian audiences: What role does television play in family life?  How does content differ from our American expectations?  What values are embedded in Russian media?  How do Russians use TV and the internet to gratify their needs and what limitations remain in terms of access and opportunity?  And how is the next generation of Russian youth adapting to the new media environment?

At an important moment in the history and politics of Russia – not to mention amidst ongoing issues of free speech – Pronicheva’s insight arrives at an opportune time.  She is currently a Fulbright Russian Language Teaching Assistant at Fairfield and will be sharing her expertise with students and faculty through “The Russian Hours,” a series dedicated to various aspects of Russian culture.  The presentations are made with the support of the Department of Foreign Language and Literatures, the Russian and East European Studies Program, and Professor Elena Syssoeva.  Don’t miss this intriguing talk!

Wednesday, February 29th @ 12nooon: Bannow 137

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