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Embrace Your Colleagues

Occasionally in this space, we’ll pass along great reads we come across in the popular press that relate to our teaching and research.  This past weekend, The New York Times had a best generic cialis price. from the world of organizational communication – and a lesson that all of us in (or entering) the working world might find of use…

“Take out your business card and look at it. That business card will have more value if any one of you succeeds here, even if you’re not remotely a part of that success. You are not competing with each other in here.  If you think you win when your idea wins out over your neighbor’s, that’s a pretty small gain. In fact, I would suggest that you help your neighbor’s ideas get better.

I would suggest that if you look at something and you have a better idea, that you generously give that idea to someone and make them better. Because if we all do that, we all win. The minute you’re the only good thing at this company, we’re done.  So can you do it?  Can you be that generous?” – Susan Credle, CCO of Leo Burnett USA

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