News and notes from the Communication program @ Fairfield

Department of Communication Advising Resources

Academic advising in the Department of Communication at Fairfield University is a key component of the teaching and learning relationship that is at the heart of educating the whole person.

Students should be sure to read these instructions and resources carefully before seeking advising from a faculty member.  We have streamlined the advising procedures for Communication majors by simplifying the process.  Please note that faculty during advising receive a lot of email and it is difficult to advise via email.  Before emailing your advisor, be sure to carefully read these instructions.

Remember that advising is a year-long process and that advising does not happen just during the registration period.  The registration period is a very busy one for faculty, so consider seeking advising about things like graduate school, careers and other big concerns for times outside of the registration period.

 Department of Communication Advising Procedures in Two Easy Steps

1. During advising period (April 1-15), students should report to DMH 232 and retrieve their PIN number during between 9 AM and 4 PM.

2.  If you need to meet with your advisor, you should sign up in DMH 232 for an appointment with a faculty member.   The only way to schedule a meeting with your advisor is by signing up in DMH232.  Remember, if you do not need one-on-one advising you do not need to meet with your advisor and you can simply retrieve your PIN from Mrs. Lesko or the graduate assistants in DMH 232.

If your assigned faculty advisor is not available when you need advising, you can meet with any other faculty member.  Every faculty member has access to all transcripts and any faculty member can help you.  If your advisor is away on sabbatical or leave, please feel free to see any available faculty member.

Please note that if COMM is not your first listed major your PIN will be with your advisor in your first listed major.

Some Reminders

1.  Please do not wait until the last minute before you need to go online to locate your PIN. Please safeguard your PIN so that you will not experience a delay logging into the online registration system.

2. Minors, students with a second major in Communication, or other students with no assigned advisor are encouraged to see the departmental chair for advising assistance if needed.  Schedule an appointment in DMH 232.

3. If you happen to be abroad this semester, please email Ms. Susan Bickel in the registrar’s office and let her know the courses you wish to enroll in and the CRN for each course.  Be sure to include your student ID number in the email.

4.  Due to the number of majors, some advising issues like post-college plans, professional development, etc are best addressed outside of the traditional advising period.

5.  Advising help is available through peer advising offered through Comm.Unity, the student communication club and through in-class advising that will happen during the advising period.

Fall 2014 Advising Dates and Times

March 31:    Course Booklet goes on-line for students

April 1-15:   Advising and obtaining PINS

April 10:   On-line Registration for Class of 2015

April 14:   On-line Registration for Class of 2016

April 16:   On-line Registration for Class of 2017

April 22: On-line registration system is turned back on for each class and stays on until drop/add in Fall

Before seeking advising help, follow these steps:

 1.  Review the list of Communication courses being offered next semester. This list is posted far in advance of advising and registration here: Communication Courses for Fall 2014. Put together an ideal schedule and your top five or so choices of Communication courses. Note that you won’t get into every Communication class you want to (we have a lot of majors!), so have some options that work with your schedule.

3. Check our Departmental blog for information about new courses, new professors, and any other information you need to make informed choices about your schedule.  Follow us on Twitter for real-time updates: @FairfieldComm.

4. Review the list of general University courses being offered next semester. When available, the course booklet will be posted online here.  Please note this course booklet also has the registration schedule where you can find out when you must access the online registration system.

5. Read, understand and print your degree evaluation by going to  My.Fairfield provides instructions on how to generate your degree evaluation.   Know where you stand in terms of core requirements, general graduation requirements, major requirements, minor requirements, etc. Remember, it is ultimately you that needs to meet all the requirements of the Department and University before you walk across the Bellarmine terrace for graduation. This is your responsibility; take it seriously!

Some helpful resources for advising:

Pretty much all of your questions about advising and requirements can be found online. We agree the web can be a confusing place, but as a Communication major you should be skilled in seeking answers. Here are some helpful links for finding out (quite literally) all the answers to any questions you may have.

• You can read about requirements for the major here.

• More information about major requirements, including a detailed list of possible “communication interests” can be found here.

• You can use this handy worksheet to track your progress in the major.

• For everything you want to know about the major, feel free to read and download our Handbook for Communication majors here.

• You can read about requirements for Internships in the Department of Communication here.  Please note that you do not register for internships or independent studies during the normal registration period.  Questions about internships, and how to register them, can be found be clicking on the above link.

• You can see a core checklist here.

• You can explore the University core and its many possibilities here.

• Resources from the Office of Exploratory Academic Advising has a host of resources located here.

 Things you may want to discuss with your advisor:

• Your GPA and the number of courses needed for graduation.

• How do you want to invest your 40 courses needed for graduation? (20 in core + 10 in Communication + 10 others?) In that final 10, there is plenty of room for a minor or two (5 courses each), plus even a second major if you so desire.

• How you might complement your Communication major with an applied minor like Professional Writing, New Media, Marketing, etc. Or, how a minor like Spanish, Latin American and Caribbean Studies or Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies may get you excited to take classes and expand your mind.

• If you are an athlete, have service requirements, or any other class scheduling conflicts discuss how this may affect your semester plan.

• If you will study abroad and how this will affect your academic plan. Consider saving relevant core classes for your abroad experience.

• Research projects with a particular professor, or for Honors, or for an Independent Study, or for other venues.

• If you plan on interning, how you can arrange a schedule that frees up two days a week to devote to your off-campus experience.

• Your post-Fairfield plans, including professional and academic aspirations. Be sure to look at this page for some helpful advice.

Goals for Advisees:

• To become familiar with the core curriculum, its relationship to major and minor courses of study, and its role in the Jesuit tradition of a liberal arts education.

• To be able to access and use resources for monitoring academic progress.

• To understand graduation requirements at the level of both the university and the major.

• To share academic successes, achievements, and challenges.

• To understand resources available for academic support, vocational ?exploration, personal well-being and spiritual development.

• To develop tools for individual reflection, informed decision-making ?and mutually-beneficial relationships.

 Your Responsibilities as an Advisee:

• To remain current with all information pertaining to your academic standing (e.g. learn how to check your degree evaluation, keep your contact information up-to-date, read and respond to all university correspondence).

• To learn about the educational opportunities available to you and to be open to new experiences and ideas.

• To be prepared for any meetings that you schedule with me (by being prompt, arriving with materials, printing your degree evaluation, reviewing guidelines and requirements, etc.).

• To reflect on personal experiences, goals and progress.

• To seek help and advice when needed, as soon as it’s needed.

• To follow-up personally with the on- and off-campus resources we ?discover and discuss in our advising interactions.

• To share with me your accomplishments, aspirations, achievements ?and challenges.

Your Advisor’s Responsibilities:

• To be accessible to discuss your educational goals and plans.

• To be informed of available resources and make appropriate referrals.

• To assist you in developing an individualized plan of study that ?integrates the core curriculum with major and minor areas of interest, ?co-curricular activities, and other opportunities for growth.

• To listen as you discuss your interests and assist you in defining ?specific academic areas that connect to your goals.

• To make you aware of the academic and co-curricular opportunities ?available at the University and make the appropriate program ?referrals.

• Clearly post and be present during special advising hours twice a year during peak advising times.

• To assist you in developing a reflective way of proceeding as you ?progress through your educational experiences.


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