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Dr. Audra Nuru’s article entitled “Between layers: Understanding the communicative negotiation of conflicting identities by transgender individuals” has received the 2014 Outstanding Manuscript Award in Communication Studies. The award will be presented at the annual Central States Communication Association Conference in April. Congratulations, Dr. Nuru!

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At an inaugural “Stag’s Day” at Prosek PR in downtown Fairfield, nine majors from the Department of Communication took part in a professional development workshop. Alumna Kate Dillon, associate vice president at Prosek Partners, pictured here in bright pink, helped host the group in coordination with Dr. Colleen Arendt, who runs the department’s internship program every spring. As ever, Fairfield students earned rave reviews as interns and hires at Prosek and the morning was a terrific success! discount cialis fedex.

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When Comm Majors return to campus this January after the Winter Break, they will find some changes on the second floor of DMH. buy cialis online viagra. for any departmental concerns.  Dr. Gudelunas may not be on the second floor of DMH anymore, but he will still be teaching courses in the department.  This Spring, for the first time, he is offering a section of Communication Capstone!

Speaking of Capstone professors, Dr. Maggie Wills is on sabbatical for the Spring semester.  She will be back in the Fall after she takes a much deserved break from teaching to focus on her exciting research agenda.

If either Dr. Wills or Dr. Gudelunas is your assigned academic advisor, feel free to see any other Communication faculty member who can help you with normal advising and mentoring issues.

Good luck this semester!

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Carly Beyar and Shannon Fay, both Communication majors who graduated in 2014, along with Alanna Locast are getting some great attention as founders of a social media start-up that has exploded.  It is a great story about putting those ideas and skills we learn about in Communication classes to work. discount cialis fedex. !

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Communication majors are already very familiar with cialis price canada. . You can find Dr. Zhang in DMH 227 and Dr. Gudelunas in CNS 100. Their extensions (and email, obvi!), remain the same.

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Communication faculty continue to be very productive, and leading the charge is web. !

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