News and notes from the Communication program @ Fairfield


Dr. Zhang elected as new Department Chair

When Comm Majors return to campus this January after the Winter Break, they will find some changes on the second floor of DMH. Dr. Qin Zhang, a very popular professor in the department will be the new departmental chair effective January 1st.  She replaces Dr. Gudelunas in DMH 227 who is headed over to the Dean’s office in CNS 100 as a new Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Please email Dr. Zhang for any departmental concerns.  Dr. Gudelunas may not be on the second floor of DMH anymore, but he will still be teaching courses in the department.  This Spring, for the first time, he is offering a section of Communication Capstone!

Speaking of Capstone professors, Dr. Maggie Wills is on sabbatical for the Spring semester.  She will be back in the Fall after she takes a much deserved break from teaching to focus on her exciting research agenda.

If either Dr. Wills or Dr. Gudelunas is your assigned academic advisor, feel free to see any other Communication faculty member who can help you with normal advising and mentoring issues.

Good luck this semester!

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Two Former Comm Majors make a Big Splash with a Social Media Start up

Carly Beyar and Shannon Fay, both Communication majors who graduated in 2014, along with Alanna Locast are getting some great attention as founders of a social media start-up that has exploded.  It is a great story about putting those ideas and skills we learn about in Communication classes to work.  Read more herenews@_soccergirls!

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Dr. Zhang is elected new Chair of Communication as Dr. Gudelunas heads to Dean’s Office


Communication majors are already very familiar with Dr. Zhang, and when back on campus in the Spring they will be re-introduced to Chair Zhang! Dr. Zhang was elected as new chair of the Department of Communication to replace Dr. Gudelunas who will be joining the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s office as a new Associate Dean. You can find Dr. Zhang in DMH 227 and Dr. Gudelunas in CNS 100. Their extensions (and email, obvi!), remain the same.

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Congratulations to Dr. Pagano on his latest book!

Communication faculty continue to be very productive, and leading the charge is Dr. Michael Pagano, director of our Graduate Program in Communication and very popular professor in the Department of Communication.  His newest book is now available from Springer: Communication Case Studies for Health Professionals.  Check it out!


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Catch Drs. Serazio and Gudelunas on C-SPAN

If you weren’t watching C-SPAN over the Thanksgiving Holiday you might have missed Drs. Gudelunas and Serazio from the Department of Communication interviewing two New York Times columnists as part of the Open Visions Forum. Moderating teh event was Dr. Philip Eliasoph from the Department f Visual and Performing Arts and founder of the Open Visions Forum. Not to worry if you were watching something like football instead of C-SPAN…you can see the event here20141128_221426_resized

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Winter courses in Communication!


Why not study Family Communication this Winter?  If you’re behind on credits, or looking to get ahead on credits, the Department of Communication is offering three different Winter Courses this Spring.  These courses are great for part-time and full-time students alike.  Family Communication is offered as a one-week course while Human Communication Theories and Intercultural Communication are offered online.

You can see what we are offering below, and you can go here for information about how to register.

CO 246 (A) (10896) Family Communication 
In this course students come to understand how families are constituted through symbolic processes and interaction; explore the verbal and non-verbal communication behaviors that are developed and preferred in different kinds of families; learn various theories for understanding family interactions at the individual, dyadic, group, and systems levels; analyze family communication patterns using established theories and methods; connect family dynamics to social trends and processes including the roles of the mass media and popular culture; and explore ways culture, class, gender, and sexuality affect and are affected by family structures, roles, and communication patterns. This course meets the U.S. diversity requirement and counts for the minor in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies.  Three credits.
Margaret Wills

CO 100 (1) (10894) Human Communication Theories 
This course introduces major theoretical perspectives that inform communication scholarship. This foundational course for the major emphasizes understanding human communication as a symbolic process that creates, maintains, and alters personal, social, and cultural identities. Students critique research literature in the communication field in this course, which is a prerequisite for the 200- and 300-level communication courses. This course counts in the social and behavioral sciences core curriculum for non-majors. All CO majors must fulfill their social science core requirements outside of the major. Three credits.
David Gudelunas

CO 240 (1) (10895) Intercultural Communication 
This course deals with challenges to communication between people of different cultural backgrounds, emphasizing the way communication practices reveal cultural values and the role of communication in creating and sustaining cultural identities. Students discuss how differences in value orientation, perception, thought patterns, and nonverbal behavior cause misunderstanding, tension, and conflict in business, education, and health care settings. This course meets the U.S. diversity requirement. (registration preference given to Communication and International Studies majors). (Prerequisite: CO 100 or IL 50 or instructor approval). Three credits.
Qin Zhang

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