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Women, War and Memory

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 8.39.31 AMDr. Danke Li, Women, War and Memory: 35 Chongqing Women’s Experiences during China’s War of Resistance against Japan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, July 2013)

NEW! Dr. Li’s book was awarded this year’s “Hong Kong Book Prize”(HKBP), the prestigious book award of Hong Kong. This annual award is a celebration and recognition of the outstanding books published in Hong Kong every year.

Book synopsis: In 1937, Chongqing became the wartime capital of the Nationalist government and the political center of China. Women who lived there suddenly realized that the War had been changed from distant news to inescapable living conditions for them.  Air-raid alarms resounding over the city, crowded shelters ,soaring prices, street orphans, and the flood of refugees all became their everyday life and collective memories.

The author visited and interviewed more than fifty Chinese women who lived in Chongqing during the War.  While recording their life stories, this book is focused on ordinary women’s wartime experiences and what markers these experiences left on Chinese women and the nation.


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