Vol. 1, Issue 2

Spring 2012

Dual Identity in the Context of North African Assimilation in France                            Jessica Brooke, Fairfield University

Connecting the Disconnects: Human Rights and Global Citizenship                                 Giana Gleeson, Quinnipiac University

Expressing National Identity through Language: Papiamentu in Curaçao                    Kerilee Horan, Fairfield University

Conceptualizing Civil Society: The New Left’s Reorganization of Civil Society in Latin America                                                                                                                                     Kathryn Keane, Fairfield University

The Impact of the Fair Trade Market on Coffee Farmers in Costa Rica                            Kerri L. Loveless, SUNY Cortland

The Levels of Global Citizenship                                                                                              Melanie S. Smith, Allegheny College

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