University Committees

Student Involvement With University Committees

Campus Heroes Project Selection Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Mr. Frederick Kuo, Associate Director of Student Activities
Description: Comprised of students and administrators from across the Student Affairs division to select students to be recognized by the Campus Heroes Project.
FUSA Representation: Lauren Johnson, FUSA Vice President

Deans and Directors Meetings
Faculty/Staff Contact: Mark Guglielmoni, Director of Human Resources
Description: Comprised of the University Deans and department directors to share information and enhance communication.
FUSA Representation: Edwin Muniz, FUSA President
Lauren Johnson, FUSA Vice President
Greg Burke, Chair of Senate

Senior Management Team
Faculty/Staff Contact: Dr. William Weitzer, Executive Vice President
Description: Includes University President, Vice Presidents, Deans and Faculty Leaders that meets to share information and assess the progress of the University√Ę??s Strategic Plan.
FUSA Representation: Edwin Muniz, FUSA President

Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees
Faculty/Staff Contact: Dr. Mark Reed, VP of Student Affairs
Description: Branch of the Board of Trustees that focuses on researching and improving student life on campus
FUSA Representation: Edwin Muniz, FUSA President

University Budget Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Ms. Julie L. Dolan, VP of Finance
Description: Comprised of members from both the student and academic affairs divisions that proposes a University budget for the coming fiscal year and presents it to the President. This committee studies a variety of factors and communicates with various people while developing a budget.
FUSA Representation: Lauren Johnson, FUSA Vice President
Aaron Chan, FUSA Secretary of Treasury

Academic Committees

Academic Council

Academic Council
Faculty/Staff Contact: Dr. Irene Mulvey, Secretary of General Faculty
Description: The Executive arm of the General Faculty and is empowered to make decisions and recommendations on any matter of academic concern outside of changes to the core and contract.
FUSA Representation: Caitlin Liguori, Secretary of Academics


Committee on the Arts, Culture, and Community Engagement
Faculty/Staff Contact: Rama Sudakar, VP of Marketing and Communication
Description: Implements new models of collaboration among all divisions at the University and for coordinating lectures, concerts, gallery installations, symposia, festivals, recitals, etc. This committee is also charged with developing curriculum themes for each academic year.
FUSA Representation:TBA

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact:
Description: To keep curriculum policies and standards under continual review, to assess any administrative academic proposals and to make recommendations to the faculty relating to the undergraduate curriculum.
FUSA Representation: TBA


Enrollment Management Group
Faculty/Staff Contact: Dr. Judith Dobai, Associate Academic VP, Enrollment Management
Description: Comprised of representation from across different University divisions that discuss topics such as enrollment standards, financial aid, housing and study abroad, and how these policies affect our campus community and retention rates.
FUSA Representation: Caitlin Liguori, Secretary of Academics

Course Evaluations

Faculty Development and Evaluations Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Dr. Shannon Harding, Committee Chair
Description: Promotes excellence in classroom teaching and acts as a resource to faculty development. This committee is currently examining and instituting changes to the faculty evaluation process.
FUSA Representation: TBA

IDEA Form Exploratory Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Dr. William Abbott, Faculty Chair
Description: To explore all factors surrounding the change to the IDEA Course Evaluation Form which include who had access to the results and how and when they are distributed.
FUSA Representation: TBA

Education Technology

Course Management System Exploratory Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Langran, Faculty Chair
Description: Research and decides upon a new course management system to be used by the Fairfield University community.
FUSA Representation: TBA

ePortfolio Exploratory Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Dr. Aaron Perkus, Faculty Chair
Description: Explore all factors surrounding the University ePortfolio Initiative, including its inclusion into the curriculum, technology supporting it, and distribution of responsibilities.
FUSA Representation: TBA

Internet Portal Exploratory Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Langran, Faculty Chair
Description: Research and decide upon an internet portal to be used by the Fairfield University community.
FUSA Representation: TBA


Commencement Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Dr. Mary Frances Malone, Associate Academic Vice President
Description: To plan the logistical aspects of the commencement exercises in May.
FUSA Representation: TBA

Honorary Degree Screening Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Fr. Charles Allen, S.J., Executive Assistant to the President
Description: To screen the honorary degree recipients from a pool of applicants submitted by members of the Fairfield University community. This committee submits a list of those they believe should receive honorary degrees to the President. These recipients receive their honorary degrees in May.
FUSA Representation: TBA

Senior Gift Committee
Faculty/Staff: Bonnie Cruz, Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Description: To promote and make decisions regarding the Senior Class Gift. This committee also is responsible for fundraising for the gift as well.
FUSA Representation: TBA

Valedictorian Selection Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Dr. Mary Frances Malone, Associate Academic VP
Description: After reading through submitted Valedictory Speeches and listening to them read aloud, this committee will select the Commencement Valedictory Speaker.
FUSA Representation: TBA

Student Life Committees


Athletic Advisory Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Gene Doris, Athletic Director
Description: Committed to formulating the broad policies within which the Athletic Department will operate and provides communication between the athletic department and various groups on campus.
FUSA Representation: TBA

Career Planning Advisory Board

Career Planning Advisory Board
Faculty/Staff Contact: Cath Borgman, Director of Career Planning
Description: To provide advice and support to the Office of Career Planning
FUSA Representation: TBA


Fairfield United
Faculty Staff/Contact: Meredith Marquez, Assistant Director of Student Diversity Programs
Description: Comprised of leaders of the diversity clubs on campus in order to collaborate on initiatives and programs.
FUSA Representation: TBA

Martin Luther King Week Planning Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Mr. Lari Mazon, Director of Institutional Diversity Initiatives
Description: Partners with the Office of Institutional Diversity in planning the Martin Luther King weeklong celebration and programs associated.
FUSA Representation: TBA

Health Services

Student Health Advisory Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Susan Birge, Director of Counseling Services
Description: To provide feedback to Health Services on how it can better meet the needs of University students and relay any health related concerns of students to the members of the administration.
FUSA Representation: TBA

Jail N Bail

Jail N Bail Planning Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Frank Ficko, Associate Director of Public Safety
Description: Assist with the planning and coordination of Jail N Bail program that occurs every spring.
FUSA Representation: TBA

Living and Learning

Dean of Student Development Advisory Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Dr. Deborah Cady-Melzer
Description: Partner with the Dean of Student Development in furthering the integration of living and learning into the student experience.
FUSA Representation: TBA

Residence Life

Student Housing Advisory Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Mr. Jason Downer, Associate Director of Residence Life
Description: Partners with the department of Residence Life to further initiatives regarding residential life on campus.
FUSA Representation: TBA

Substance Abuse

Alcohol and Other Drugs
Faculty/Staff Contact: Dr. Thomas Pellegrino, Dean of Students
Description: A multidisciplinary committee that meets routinely to address the use of alcohol and drugs on campus. This committee recommends policies and develops strategies to reduce the harm that alcohol and drugs has on Fairfield students.
FUSA Representation: Edwin Muniz, FUSA Secretary of Student Life


Campus Sustainable Initiatives
Faculty/Staff Contact: Mr. David Frassinelli, Director of Facilities Management
Description: This committee is charged with the coordination and oversight of campus sustainability initiatives. It establishes priorities among various sustainability projects and facilitates communication across campus.
FUSA Representation: Joseph Mercadante, FUSA Senator
Katlyn Griffin, FUSA Senator

University Council

University Council
Faculty/Staff Contact: Mr. James Fitzpatrick, Assistant VP of Student Affairs
Description: Brings together representatives of the Faculty, Administration, and Student Body to discuss, investigate and provide recommendations to the President regarding issues facing the University community.
FUSA Representation: Rosie Mathis, FUSA Senator
Katerina Sanchez, Director of Cultural Celebrations,
Gregory Burke, FUSA Senator

University Council-Faculty Student Life Committee
Merger Exploratory Committee
Faculty/Staff Contact: Richard DeWitt, Executive Secretary of the Academic Council
Description: Explore the possibility of combining the University Council in with the Student Life Committee of the Faculty.
FUSA Representation: Gregory Burke, FUSA Senator