Fairfield University provides a wide variety of student clubs and organizations that aim to meet the interests of all students. Through the Council of Student Organizations (COSO), clubs become officially recognized and are allocated University funding.

The Council of Student Organizations is responsible for advising and allocating funds to student clubs and organizations. COSO also reviews and approves constitutions of organizations that seek approval and instatement. COSO board members work closely with clubs and organizations to assist them in areas of club development, finance, marketing, programming, and community development within the organization.

This year, COSO hopes to further develop its new structure and implement new components that will better serve the mission of FUSA and Fairfield University, as well as better serve the clubs and organizations on campus. Some of the goals of COSO for this year include the following: developing COSO’s role as a resource and advisor to clubs and organizations, streamlining communication between COSO and clubs and organizations, encouraging collaboration and co-sponsorship, and implementing a service component.

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If any club/organization has a question for COSO, please e-mail