Roles, Regulations, & Responsibilities

Club/Org Regulations

Club Officer Training Day

The Fall 2013 Club Officer Traning Day will take place on Sunday, September 15th from 9am-2pm.

  • A minimum of two officers must be present at the entire training, multiple club/organizations representation is not permitted.
  • Registration deadline in Friday, September 6th. Visit the Important Forms tab to register today!

COSO General Assemblies

COSO will hold a General Assembly (GA) once each month for the purposes of exchanging and distributing information, training club and organization leaders, and encouraging collaboration and co-sponsorship among student clubs and organizations.

Each organization is required to have one (1) representative present at every GA.

Funding will be frozen for the club/organization that fails to have representation at one or more GA’s.

  • **NOTE: Multiple club/organizations representation is not permitted at GA’s.

For the Fall 2013 Semester, all General Assemblies will be held on Sundays from 6pm-7pm in the School of Nursing Auditorium (SON203).

The dates for these meetings are listed below:

October 6th, 2013

November 10th, 2013

December 11th, 2013

Admission Open Houses

Each organization is required to participate in one or both of the Admission Open Houses that will be held during spring 2013.

A minimum of two club members must be present during the Open House, lunch will be provided by Admissions

COSO New Club Development Sessions

Petitioning, new clubs and organizations are required to attend a New Club Development Session in order to assist their start-up process. Sessions will be held monthly on Wednesdays from 5pm-6pm in BCC 200. The dates for the fall 2013 will be posted during the fall.


Leadership Conferences

Two representatives from each club/organization must attend any Leadership Conference, multiple club/organization representation is not permitted

Event Assessment

Each organization is required to submit a completed Event Assessment Form for all events that utilize COSO Funding

COSO Board Roles and Responsibilities

Chair of COSO

  1. Shall moderate and chair all council members’ (COSO) meetings and General Assemblies and shall act as the official spokesperson of COSO.
  2. Is responsible for appointing the Vice Chairperson and the three directors.
  3. Shall meet weekly with the FUSA Executive Board and the COSO Advisor.
  4. Holds the right to call special meetings, call for emergency e-mail or telephone votes, and will be able to allocate funds in the event of an emergency without consultation of the COSO Council Members if the amount is under $100.
  5. Shall appoint a replacement for any vacant position.

Vice Chair of COSO

  1. Maintains all club leader attendance records for General Assembly Meetings, trainings, and other mandatory sessions.
  2. Communicates with club leaders regarding General Assemblies, trainings, and other opportunities sponsored by COSO.
  3. Plans all community-building events among COSO officials.
  4. Works to build community among club leaders.
  5. Maintains an updated calendar for all club related meetings and programs as well as a record of the constitutions for student clubs.
  6. Assists the Chairperson in fulfilling their responsibilities and assumes the role of Chairperson in the Chairperson’s absence.
  7. Meets weekly with the Chairperson and the advisor from the Office of Student Involvement.

Director of Club Development

  1. Plans a different training component for clubs and organizations that will be included in each General Assembly Meeting.
  2. Coordinates workshops for students interested in starting new clubs that will take place at least twice per semester.
  3. Collaborates with the Office of Student Involvement on developing a role for club leaders in relation to the student leadership conferences.
  4. Works with clubs and organizations to refine their constitutions and with students to develop new clubs on campus.
  5. Collaborates with the advisor from the Office of Student Involvement to coordinate training sessions for club and organization advisors.

Director of Finance

  1. Collaborates with the Chairperson and the advisor from the Office of Student Involvement that is related to the funding of programs or initiatives sponsored by COSO or student clubs and organizations.
  2. Facilitates the filing of all financial paperwork with the Office of University Activities that is related to the funding of programs or initiatives sponsored by COSO or a student club or organization.
  3. Maintains a record of all COSO and student club and organization finances and budget requests that must be presently weekly at the COSO board meetings.
  4. Communicates with all student clubs and organizations regarding funding following the allocation process that occurs prior to the start of each semester and at least two weeks prior to any student organization’s sponsored program that received funding from COSO at the start of the semester.

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

  1. Collaborates with the Secretary of Marketing and Public Relations and Chair of COSO to market club related opportunities and programs to the campus community.
  2. Designs and publishes the newsletter which is distributed to clubs and organizations on a monthly basis.
  3. Works with club leaders to develop quality-marketing strategies that will attract students to join and start new clubs as well as attend programs sponsored by clubs.
  4. Maintains the COSO Bulletin Board across from the ATM Machine in the Barone Campus Center.
  5. Stocks and maintains an accurate account of supplies in the Club Publicity Room which contains marketing supplies for clubs to utilize for event and/or meeting publicity.