Programming Board


FUSA Programming Board

This is what we like to call the fun stuff. Programming plans FUSA events here on campus, including programs every Friday, and Saturday, to trips to Major League sporting events, Broadway Shows, and trips to NYC and Boston. Programming also plans larger events like the Concert, The Presidential Ball, and Dogwoods. Other events include class specific events like the Sophomore Cruise, Class Apparel, and the Senior Casino trip.

If you dream it, we can plan it!

There are several different branches of programming, so take a look at their pages and see which one fits you best!
Branches of Programming:

Vice Chair

Allie Ford

Late Night Events

Megan Lewis

Kelly Miraglia

Kristina Graham

Nicole Rende


Gina Tiftikidis

Sara Robicheau

Special Events

Mariam Boutros

Lindsey Hanley


Katie Brundage

Rachel Emmanuelle

CJ Higgins

Chris Lopez

Cultural Entertainment

Erin Wolfe

Daley Baldwin

Javier Rivilla


Olga Sidiropoulos

Mackenzie McBurney

Amanda Reilly

Brianna Engelke

SWAT Directors

Molly Bullard

Lauren Waingortin

2013 Class Programming

Molly Barone

Lyndsay Caulfield

Danielle Young

2014 Class Programming

Kalee Brunelle

Laura Ballanco

2015 Class Programming

Andrea Butler

Tom Kenney

2016 Class Programming

Catherine Surot

Michelle Russomano

Margaret Liguori