FUSA Senate

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The Chair of Senate Shall…

  • Chair and facilitate all Senate sessions
  • Possess the power to table and/or send controversial issues to a committee
  • Be responsible for maintaining decorum in the Senate chambers
  • Be the authority on parliamentary procedure for the Senate
  • Be responsible for enforcing the rules of FUSA Senate
  • Appoint the chairs of the Senate committees within one month of the general elections
  • Serve as a member of all committees “ex-officio”
  • Have the power to appoint Senators to committees when necessary


The Vice Chair of Senate shall…

  • Assume all responsibilities of the Chair in the event that the Chair is unable to fulfill his or her duties
  • Serve as or appoint chairpersons to any ad hoc committees
  • Be responsible for keeping the Senate attendance policy and records up to date
  • Keep an up-to-date roster of all Senate members and will distribute the roster to Senate at the first meeting of the year and whenever necessary
  • Be responsible for the documentation of all the actions of the Senate in the form of bills, resolutions, and motions
  • Be responsible for presenting any resolution passed by the Senate to the President of FUSA for his/her signature of approval or veto
  • Be responsible for presenting any passed resolution to the Office of Student Activities and Facilities within 5 academic days of the meeting at which the resolutions were passed
  • Record the minutes at General Senate Meetings


Each Senator Shall

  • Represent the opinions of the constituents
  • Be present for all Senate meetings
  • Be active in at least one of the Senate’s standing committees
  • Act as a representative of the student body on advisory committees

A Committee Chair Shall…

  • shall be an appointed member of the newly elected Senate with at least one year of experience on Senate
  • shall hold all voting rights in weekly Senate meetings and shall act as the tie-breaking vote in committee meetings if necessary
  • shall be responsible for holding weekly committee meetings
  • must maintain attendance records of their committee, and report these records back to the Chair and Vice Chair of Senate upon request

The Academic Committee…

  • shall address all academic issues regarding the undergraduate student body

The Student Life Committee…

  • shall address all quality of life issues regarding the undergraduate student body

The Ad-Hoc Committees…

  • shall address all issues that arise that are not covered by the standing committees regarding the undergraduate student body