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Bellarmine Society

Members of the Bellarmine Society, named for the patron saint of Fairfield University, Saint Robert Bellarmine, S.J., are committed to Fairfield’s vision of an integrated, life-long education and have considered the University’s future in making their estate plans. The Bellarmine Society recognizes the individuals below who have created a living legacy by including Fairfield University in their wills, making life-income gifts, or designating Fairfield as a beneficiary of their retirement plans.

Anonymous (1)
Mr. Norman A. Aldrich ’74
Mrs. Roberta Preis Anderson ’86
Mr. John J. Asmus, Jr. ’62
Dr. Kathryn Baker ’94
Mr. Liam Baker ’92
Mr. Theodore Baldyga ’62
Mr. Christopher S. Barrett ’53
Mr. Robert D. Batch ’65
Mrs. Patricia E. Behre
Mr. Bernard J. Beirne ’69
Dr. David R. Belle-Isle
Mrs. Linda Belle-Isle
Mr. Anthony L. Benefico, Jr. ’71
Mr. Joseph F. Berardino ’72
Rev. Franklyn J. Bergen ’56
Mrs. Frances P. Beyer M’79
Ms. Lori A. Bloch M’92
Mrs. Jane Adams Bohnsack P’73
Mr. M. Gregory Bohnsack ’73
Mr. Harry G. Bondi ’70
Mr. William T. Boyd, Jr. ’67
Ms. Sandra B. Braychak-Metcalfe M’73
Mr. Jeremiah S. Buckley ’66
Mr. John F. Burns ’54
Mr. David P. Callahan ’68
Mr. Richard L. Canel, Jr. ’75
Mr. Edward J. Capasse ’52
Mr. William H. Carey, III ’73 +
Mr. David H. Chaifetz
Mrs. Edith Chaifetz
Mr. Jorge Chiluisa ’89
Mrs. Kathleen Lucas Cira ’98
Mr. B. Jeffrey Clairmont ’64
Ms. Joellin R. Comerford ’74
Dr. Robert F. Conti ’51
Miss Edwina Corner M’71
Mrs. Ellen H. Costello ’84
Mr. Peter F. Costello ’84
Mr. David M. Cowen ’84
Mrs. Lori Cowen
Mrs. Jean Cuomo
Mr. Stephen J. Delehanty ’64
Mr. Frederick C. DeMarco ’66
Dr. William A. DiGiacomo ’70
Mr. Peter Dovano ’53
Mr. Kevin M. Dowd ’83
Mr. Richard M. Downey ’68
Mr. Joseph P. Driscoll ’71
Mr. Paul C. Dunn ’57
Mr. David J. Duval P’09
Mrs. Rea Elias +
Mrs. Claudine Gibbons Ferrante ’90
Mr. Michael J. Ferrante ’90
Mr. Thomas A. Franko ’69
Mrs. Bethany Franko
Miss Virginia L. Gahan
Miss Bertha Gallant ’74
Mr. Michael W. Gallo ’73
Mr. Richard R. Geier ’62
Mrs. Madelyn Ghilardi M’67
Ms. Mary R. Gleason M ’88
Ms. Barbara G. Gorham ’82
Ms. Toni Anne Greif ’76
Mr. James J. Griswold ’66
Mr. Michael S. Guarnieri ’84
Mr. Louis C. Haddad ’70
Mr. William F. Hempfling ’68
Mr. Edward J. Heverin ’68
Mr. James P. Higgins ’70
Ms. Janet M. Hoffman ’73
Mr. Terence L. Horan ’73
Mr. Paul J. Huston ’82
Mrs. Linda A. Huston
Mr. Edward O. Janosko ’70
Mr. Edward D. Jordan ’53
Mr. George F. Keane ’51
Mrs. Anne K. Kerr ’85
Mr. Charles V. Klous, III ’91
Mr. George T. Lawrence, J. ’69
Mr. John J. Lazlo, Jr. ’69
Mrs. Virginia Loch M’64
Mr. James R. Lonardo, ’82
Mr. Michael W. Lyons ’77
Mr. Edward J. Maher ’69
Dr. Judith Marino M’75
Ms. Marjorie J. Martin M’92
Mr. Gary A. Marzolla ’71
Mr. James A. Masterson ’58
Mrs. Joan Alvarez Mazzella ’89
Mr. James J. McCarthy ’75
Mr. William H. McCarthy ’66
Mr. Robert O. McDonald ’69
Mr. Richard McGirr ’68
Mr. Kevin D. McMahon ’91
Mr. Gererd Meacham ’74
Mr. John C. Meditz ’70
Rev. Richard F. Meehan ’65
Mr. Richard R. Metz ’73
Mr. Robert A. Metzger ’61
Mr. Alexander A. Micklos, Jr. ’63
Mr. George S. Mihalik ’62
Dr. Paul V. Mulinski ’71
Mr. Richard E. Murphy ’71
Mr. Robert J. Murphy ’71
Mr. Louis M. Nagy ’59
Dr. George J. Nicastro ’59
Mr. Francis J. O’Brien ’86
Mr. Francis D. O’Connor, Sr. ’52
Mr. Eugene F. O’Hara ’52 +
Mr. B. Maxwell O’Meara ’52
Dr. Edward J. O’Neill
Mrs. Frances N. O’Neill
Ms. Nancy J. Palmisano ’78
Mrs. Eleanor B. Pascale
Mr. Jon S. Pascale ’75
Mr. Luc R. Pelletier ’79
Ms. Lauren P. Pennisi ’82
Dr. A. Raymond Pilkerton P’95, ’04
Mrs. Sally Pilkerton P’95, ’04
Mr. Peter Poskas
Mr. Alexander J. Pricenor ’63
Mrs. Ann R. Pronovost P’89, ’87, ’86
Mr. Thomas C. Quick ’77
Mr. John W. Quilty ’55
Dr. Gregory E. Rauscher ’68
Mr. Francis C. Reed, Jr. ’86
Mr. James E. Reilly
Mr. Bryan C. Renehan ’70
Mr. David P. Renehan ’65
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Renehan
Mr. Gary J. Rigoletti ’71
Mrs. Christine L. Ross P’86
Ms. Susan L. Rudolph ’89
Mr. A. Donald Rully ’60
Mr. Joseph P. Russoniello ’63
Mrs. Moira Russoniello
Mr. Anthony D. Sabatelli ’79
Mr. Peter C. Schweitzer ’97
Ms. Maive Scully ’76
Mr. Bartholomew Sheehan ’64
Ms. Evelyn R. Skelly M’69
Mr. Earl B. Slater, Jr. M’62
Mrs. Margaret O’Reilly Smith ’74, P’06
Mr. Stephen M. Smith P’06
Mr. Napoleon St. Cyr M’60
Mr. Joseph L. Staneck ’68
Mrs. Linda Staneck
Mr. Robert C. Stewart ’68
Dr. James E. Sullivan ’73
Mrs. Mary Beth Sullivan ’75
Lt. Brian D. Swan ’81
Mr. Daniel P. Tully
Mrs. Grace I. Tully
Mr. William F. Valieant ’63
Mrs. Jean Baltrusaitis Vince M’57
Mr. Julius H. Vince M’67
Mr. Francis T. Vincent, Jr.
Mr. Patrick J. Waide, Jr. ’59
Mr. Joseph F. Walton ’75
Mr. Daniel Weinfurther
Mrs. Tina Weinfurther ’78
Mr. Robert J. Wels ’69
Mr. James A. White ’57
Mrs. Joyce White
Mrs. Sallianne Waterfall Williams ’82
Mr. Howard J. Winters ’69
Dr. Glenn P. York, III ’84
Mr. Stephen J. Zales ’81
Mr. Thomas V. Zingarelli ’69
Dr. Roland J. Zwiebel ’65
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Great care and effort have been taken to ensure that this Honor Roll of Donors is accurate, but in the event an error has occurred, we sincerely apologize. Please contact Cathy O'Donnell in the Office of Constituent Relations at (203) 254-4000 ext. 3473 if an inaccuracy is found.