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Matching Gifts

Companies who offer a matching gift program increase the impact of gifts made by alumni, parents, and friends of the University. Fairfield appreciates the following companies that made matching funds available in 2012-13.

Please note that this list reflects gifts received between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Tip: To find a name within the list, hit Ctrl+F on a PC or Command+F on a Mac and type the name in the search bar that appears at the bottom of your browser window.

3M Foundation
Abbott Laboratories
ACE INA Foundation
Adage Capital Management, L.P.
AIG Matching Grants Program
AllianceBernstein, L.P.
American Express Charitable Fund
Apple Computer, Inc.
Assurant, Inc.
AT&T Foundation
Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
AXA Foundation
BAE Systems
Michael Baker Corporation Foundation
Bank of America, N.A.
The Bank of Tokyo
Barclays Capital, Inc.
Barnes Group Foundation, Inc.
The Baupost Group, LLC
Bechtel Foundation
Benjamin Moore & Company
Berens Capital Management, LLC
Bic Corporation
The Boeing Company
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
CA Technologies
Capital One Services, Inc.
Chevron Corporation
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
CIT Group, Inc.
Citizen’s Bank
ConEdison, Inc.
Conning Asset Management
Constellation Energy Group Foundation, Inc.
CSG Systems International, Inc.
Deloitte Foundation
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Endurance Services Limited
Ernst & Young Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation
Fidelity Foundation Matching Gifts to Education Program
Fitch Ratings, Inc.
Fox News Network, LLC
GE Foundation
General Reinsurance Corporation
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Global Impact
The Goldman Sachs Educational Matching Gift Program
The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
The Hartford
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company
Hasbro Charitable Trust, Inc.
Hewitt Associates, LLC
HSBC Philanthropic Programs
IBM International Foundation
The IFF Foundation
ING Foundation
Intel Foundation
John Hancock Financial Services, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Key Foundation
KPMG Foundation
Kraft Foods, Inc.
Lexis Nexis
Lockheed Martin
Lone Pine Capital, LLC
Lord Abbett & Company, LLC
The Lubrizol Foundation
Macquarie Capital
Macquarie Group
MassMutual Financial Group
MasterCard International
MBIA Insurance Corporation
The McGraw-Hill Companies
Merck Company Foundation
MetLife Foundation
MFS Investment Management & Subsidiaries
Microsoft Corporation
Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Morgan Stanley
Mutual of America
Nationwide Foundation
Netscout Systems
The New York Community Trust
New York Life Foundation
Northeast Utilities Foundation, Inc.
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Novartis US Foundation
NSTAR Foundation
PB Capital Corporporation
Pearson, Inc.
People’s United Bank
PEPSICO Foundation
Pfizer Foundation
The Phoenix Foundation, Inc.
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Procter & Gamble Fund SP
The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts
PSEG Foundation
Putnam Investments
Raytheon Company
RBC Foundation USA
RBS Greenwich Capital Foundation, Inc.
Ridgewood Savings Bank
Shell Oil Company Foundation
St. Paul Travelers Foundation
State Farm Companies Foundation
State Street Foundation
The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company
Swisher International, Inc.
Swiss Re Corporation
Tauck World Discovery
TE Connectivity
Thomson Reuters, Inc.
Towers Watson
TPG Global
The Turner Corporation
UBS Foundation
U.S. Bancorp
Unilever United States Foundation, Inc.
United Technologies Corporation
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Verizon Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Westvaco Corporation
Xerox Corporation
XL Global Services, Inc.

Great care and effort have been taken to ensure that this Honor Roll of Donors is accurate, but in the event an error has occurred, we sincerely apologize. Please contact Cathy O'Donnell in the Office of Constituent Relations at (203) 254-4000 ext. 3473 if an inaccuracy is found.

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