So What Are You Doing After Graduation?

Here are a few helpful sites to begin exploring opportunities after graduation. Whether you want to live abroad, go to graduate or professional school, or work close to home, this list should help you start the career exploration process.

The following list was compiled by Fabiola Blas ’14 (International Business Rock Star): web.

Provides 10 top suggestions and resources for finding internships in international development and related fields. Includes many links for career resources in both private and public sectors. web.

Provides a vast amount of links related to jobs in conflict resolution, development, social entrepreneurship, etc. Sites included deal with careers in international and domestic non-profits, corporate social responsibility, humanitarian relief, political and democratic development, etc.

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Provides a list of new vacancies from UN organizations, including the UNFPA and UNICEF. order by phone.

Provides information regarding the UN Young professionals programme, which recruits qualified candidates in order to launch professional careers at the United Nations.

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Provides post graduate career possibilities and options sorted into five categories: International Agencies & Work in the Field, Community Organizing, the Private Sector, Graduate and Professional Schools, Other options. discount cialis fedex.

Provide a list of organizations that offer internships and jobs related to international relations. In addition it also provides information regarding fellowship programs and volunteering.

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Provides information regarding the various career opportunities with the U.S. Department of State and its Bureaus. cheap free delivery.

Research engine that provides information regarding available jobs, internships, volunteer options, events and programs in different career fields.

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Provides information about the APSIA member schools and programs all over the world that are dedicated to improve professional education in international affairs.

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