Busy, Busy, Busy!

Another semester is quickly approaching the Thanksgiving break. It it amazing how quickly the time passes. So much has happened in the last two months. Dr. Terry-Ann Jones is settling into her new role as director of the International Studies. The program held two gatherings, on September 5 and November 5, to give IL and IB majors an opportunity to ask questions related to the majors.

The program also sponsored a variety of programs to peak student interest including internship info sessions with Save the Children and the Montage Initiative. Faculty and staff have also been available to talk about research and student resources. In October, Dr. David Crawford and Ms. Ajsha Bajcinca were available to answer questions about anthropological research and study abroad, respectively. Dr. Janie Leatherman and the Associate Director of the IL program once again collaborated to supervise Fulbright applications from Fairfield. Last year, Fairfield had six applicants with three receiving awards. This fall, we had TWELVE applications thanks to support from Fairfield faculty and staff.

In the Spring, there will be more opportunities to have lunch with faculty and staff from diverse fields. We also plan to welcome additional guests from outside organization and institutions. Check out our Calendar of Events for more information.

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