Alumna Reflects on Int’l Adventures, Past and Present

For Aamina Awan ’07, life seemed to have come full circle on Friday, October 4th when she stood in front of an International Economics course to talk about her transition from life as an International Studies major into the real world. She returned to the Fairfield campus to share her experiences with students during class visits and over lunch as she reminisced about her exciting time as a graduating senior in International Studies and the subsequent adventures following graduation.

Aamina Awan ’07 (middle) with IL students.

When Aamina graduated in 2007, she already knew her immediate plans. Aamina was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to research women’s role in entrepreneurship and economic development in Bahrain. After a successful year in Bahrain, she decided to pursue a master’s degree in Gender and International Development from the London School of Economics. While completing her studies, she was a research contributor for The Economist Group. After graduating in 2009, Aamina decided to serve the US Embassy to Spain, located in Madrid, as a Public Affairs Fellow.

By 2010, It had been nearly three years abroad when Aamina decided it was time to return to the US and find ways to make a difference at home. She took an investment banking recruiter position with Credit Suisse, which exposed her to an array of higher education institutions. Then, came the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to work for US President William Jefferson Clinton.

After serving Credit Suisse for more than two years, Aamina’s diverse experiences and dynamic personality landed her a role with the cheap online pill viagra. . As a program manager, Aamina helps to lead programs that bring together students, youth organizations, experts, and celebrities to develop unique ideas to address complex global issues. During the lunch in the International Studies office, which was packed with excited students and faculty, she promoted the upcoming CGI U conference scheduled for March 21-23, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. She also shared some invaluable advice with currents students: be informed and take initiative to engage with people in fields where they hope to work in the future. She also encouraged students to boldly venture out into the world and explore different options.

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