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IL students capped the semester with a showcase of diverse research experiences. On December, we published first issue for Volume 2 of the web. . cialis price canada.
IL 50 students present research on water quality as a global issue.

Some IL students presented their research in a public forum. On December 4 and 8, students in linknext. .

If you are a student who is interested in having their research published, visit the without script. page or contact me at web.

On Friday, November 14, the Fairfield University posts. to host nearly more than 160 students from 11 high schools in New York and Connecticut.

Dennis King, senior director of program funding strategy at Save the Children addresses students during the HS conference opening ceremony.

The committee topics focused on the brand positioning. . Fairfield Model UN students spent part of their summer developing simulations that were later shared with participating schools in preparation of the conference.

The opening ceremony for conference was highlighted with two dynamic guest speakers. linknext.

For more information about the Model UN club, check out their linknext. . order by phone.

As the advising period for registration rolls around, it’s a good time to highlight recent advising activities from the follow link. . We had such good turnout that we almost ran out of seats! generic cialis prices.
IL faculty meet with undecided students to discuss the IL and IB majors on Tuesday, September 23 in the IL office.

Earlier this week (October 27), we had a second pizza night for current majors, minors, and all other interested students who wanted to learn more about the IL Program (Yes, we are a program, not a department). We had a few more available seats, but the turnout was still pretty good. .

Here’s a key takeaway from these activities: Students are interested in our majors AND they like pizza! Who can blame them? Perhaps you missed out on the latter, but there are still plenty of opportunities to learn about our majors. Of course, you can browse the Web, via this blog, but you can also meet us face-to-face by visiting our offices in Donnarumma Hall Room 251 or visiting the following link to get more contact info about faculty. Either way, we’re here to meet you and dish on what keeps the IL Program running strong! Happy Spring Registration!