International Business Alumna: Maximize Your Opportunities

Alexandra Luna '05
Alexandra Luna ’05

Almost 10 years ago, Alexandra Luna ’05 completed her degree in International Business with a plan to pursue a career that was both fulfilling and practical, financially. Yesterday, she returned to Fairfield to share her experiences and offer career advice to International Studies and International Business students.

After graduating in May 2005, Alexandra was quickly hired by Fisher International, Inc., a Norwalk-based information and consulting firm with clients across the globe. Today, she remains with the company as a manager in its research division. She encouraged students to take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad, participate in a variety of on campus and off campus activities, and to explore career options that fit their interests.

Career Advice for International Business

Alexandra Luna '05
Alexandra Luna ’05

Another fall semester is upon us! The International Studies Program has a lot going on this semester. Check out our Calendar of Events for slated activities. We’ll be updating the calendar as the semester progresses. Next Tuesday, we’ll have a visit from one of our alumna, Ms. Alexandra Luna ’05. Since graduating from Fairfield with a BS in International Business, she’s been working with Fisher International, a global business solutions and consulting firm. She’s returning to campus to share her experiences and words of wisdom for those aspiring for careers in International Business.

IL Alumna in Pursuit of International Law Career

International Studies is a gateway to endless career possibilities. For Kimberly Kerr ’12,  her International Studies education has led to the cusp of a budding career in international law.  This fall, she will begin her third year of law school at the St. Thomas University School of Law, located in Miami, Florida. Kimberly, a Jamaica-native, credits her International Studies major with helping to set her apart from peers in her first year of law school.

“When I took international law in my first year of law school, I had a good foundation that came from my international studies courses,” Kimberly said during a phone interview. “I was able to participate more than other people at the start of the class because of was familiar with a lot of the terms about immigration, non profit organizations and the UN.”

Kimberly Kerr '12
Kimberly Kerr ’12

Kimberly’s success in her international law course inspired her to apply for her law school’s competitive Pax Romana United Nations Internship Program. She was one of a select group of law students to receive a legal internship with the UN. Kimberly, who graduated with double major in Politics and a minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, was placed with the UN Permanent Mission of Honduras for Summer 2014. Her responsibilities include representing the Honduran Mission at key UN meetings and drafting reports that are reviewed by the UN Ambassador to Honduras.

After completing her internship, Kimberly will return to Miami to begin participation in a full-year immigration clinic to complete her legal studies. She will be part of a small team of students that will review immigration cases focused on asylum request, domestic issues, and other related immigration matters. Kimberly hopes to have a long career as an immigration lawyer/specialist.

She is thankful for her holistic education at Fairfield. Kimberly does, however, advise current International Studies/International Business majors to take full advantage of opportunities as undergraduate students. “There are lots of things that are offered that we don’t take the time to learn about,” Kimberly said as she reflected on her 2013 summer abroad in Madrid. “It really made me wish I had gone abroad as an undergrad.” Kimberly is determined to ensure that her postgraduate experiences will more than compensate for any missed opportunities from her undergraduate days.

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