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About me: Jean is a senior researcher for She and her team have collated information to compile an easy to understand guide to the various types of mediation and how each process can facilitiate finding solutions to conflicts experienced by all walks of life. Finding specific information on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services and mediation services will help you to see if these types of services can be of benefit to you and our video library will give you insights into civil, elder, community, divorce, child custody mediations and more. Finding the right service that can specifically deal with your particular conflict issues including workplace, marriage, family and peer conflict will dramatically enhance the success rate of the mediation outcome. To find the right type of mediation service visit our Mediation Process Guide.

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Marriage and Family Therapy program helps attorneys find a gentler, family-friendly approach to divorce mediation

Mediation is an excellent technique to use when dealing with the emotionally charged divorce process. Through my research I have noticed that many families tend to communicate more clearly after having engaged in mediation and this benefits both the parents and the children involved. Great article giving an insiders perspective of the industry.

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