President’s Letter

Yet, as much as we do to adapt to the world as it evolves, there are dimensions to the human experience that transcend the exigencies of the moment. As I have written in these pages, the work of Fairfield University is the continuation of a mission in education that is over 450 years old, and inspired by the insight of St. Ignatius of Loyola. He came to the conclusion — better yet, it was revealed to him — that he had a unique purpose and mission in life. That he was part of something bigger that would give his life deep purpose and meaning, and that God was, in effect, always trying to teach him about himself, and about the nature of the Divine. When all is said and done, what we hope for our students is that — through focused attention from dedicated scholars, and through an opportunity to explore their own capacity for reason and creativity — each of them will come to an analogous experience of how unique they are, and of their responsibility to the well-being of the human community.

You can rest assured that, at Fairfield, we will never lose sight of this dimension of our mission. It is the source of all that we do; it is the tradition that informs every decision that we make. Indeed, it is our collective obligation — as men and women in the service of others — that we embrace this mission together, and continually rediscover how to authentically fulfill this mission in a rapidly changing world.



Jeffrey P. von Arx, S.J. President

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