The Man2Man living community breaks down male stereotypes, and helps men define what it means to be adult

In the halls of Regis, a “Brotocol” hangs on many of the walls. Adapted from Chivalry Now and, it lists “12 Truths” that the residents live up to, which include developing themselves for the greater good, keeping their word, defending those who can’t defend themselves, and living their life with courtesy and honor.

Mentoring has been one aspect of the program that has really taken off.

Fr. Holland, who also works with Fairfield Preparatory High School, suggested that students in the LLC talk to the high school seniors about their transition to college.

The Man2Man group, which now has close to 40 members a year, will continue to look for ways to grow and have an impact on the whole culture of Fairfield and colleges nationwide.

“There’s a hunger for this in higher education,” Moore noted.

Pelazza noted that he sat in on a conference call about male-oriented residence halls at other universities and noted that Fairfield appears to be ahead of the curve. “I was amazed by how advanced we were compared to larger schools,” he said.

Fr. Holland said that he’s excited to see the students in Man2Man continually challenge the stereotypes of males at college and develop the LLC. “We’ve all seen this as something integral to the larger mission at Fairfield. We can’t let that stereotypical culture become something that’s normalized. If we do, we’re not true to our mission to our students and ourselves.”

Robichaud, who now works at Skystream Markets in Stamford, Conn., as an analyst, plans to stay involved with the community while Colpitts, who has begun his final year as an RA for Man2Man, will keep the energy going with the mentor program and other events to develop positive masculinity on campus.

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