Laypersons will collaborate to lead Fairfield’s mission and identity initiatives

Dr. Pellegrino has posed this question to his lay colleagues: “If we going to be a college or university tomorrow from the ground up — and we had the resources necessary to make it be a pretty good school — would we make it a Jesuit and Catholic institution?

“I say the answer is ‘yes,’” he said, “and I find that my responsibility now is to be able to explain why my answer is yes. That  is our charge going forward.”

Dr. Dallavalle takes comfort in knowing that she and Dr. Pellegrino — friends and colleagues of long standing — are not working in a vacuum.

“We have a deep well to draw from,” she said. “We’re all already deeply here,” she said of the faculty and staff steeped in Ignatian values,” she said. The lay leadership can never play the role that the Jesuit priesthood has played in Fairfield’s history, she went on, “but we still have to be the public representatives of this institution. How that is going to happen is still being worked out. The mission is still being written.”

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