More young alumni and senior class members are giving back to Fairfield

Samantha Krivensky ’14 is the current chair of the Stags Give Back Committee. A psychology major in CAS, Krivensky has been working with her committee to raise philanthropic awareness on campus by hosting events and informing students how to stay involved with the University once they graduate. “Students don’t start out knowing how important it is to ‘pay it forward’ so others can have the same Fairfield experience,” she said.

As the first person in her family to go to college, Krivensky said that she didn’t understand how much alumni contribute to her current experience until she got involved with the committee.

“I’ve studied abroad, I’ve been part of a lot of clubs, and I have an academic scholarship and a research grant. Fairfield gave me all of these opportunities and I know it’s because alumni give back and believe in what we’re doing,” she said.

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