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 Priscilla – second year MFT student…


Priscilla is doing her practicum at FSW Inc., a community mental health agency in Bridgeport CT in the Behavioral Health and Domestic Violence departments. As a bi-lingual clinical intern she will be working with both English and Spanish speaking clients.

My experience as an MFT student at Fairfield University has been exceptional. The professors and the training environment throughout my course of study have helped me acquire the tools to continue this progressive journey of learning how to be a skillful therapist. I appreciate the diversity among the professors, and the knowledge and experience they bring to the classroom. It is also a joy is to see classmates and colleagues grow in their learning through the University’s clinic, supervisors, and professors; who have all been supportive guides. They are consistently looking for ways to improve the program: providing students with workshops, giving and receiving feedback, and helping in any way they can. My advisor helped me find an internship based on the population that I most wanted to work with. The university staff allows you to be who you are as a clinician, which helped me to recognize that everyone is different and has a unique style to his or her practice. As I move into the clinical piece of this program, I sense a feeling of nervousness that professors and textbooks warned us was normal, but also a sense of exhilaration. This is because I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be, dedicating my time to what I find worth living for.

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