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Betsey Lebow

Betsey is a second year student and is doing her internship at Trumbull Counseling Center in Trumbull, CT. She will graduate from the program in May 2010.

Fairfield University’s MFT program has opened up a whole new world for me.  The faculty, staff and students have been a tremendous source of support and inspiration.  When I discovered the program I had been searching for a graduate curriculum that would fit my educational needs but hadn’t found one yet that was exactly what I was looking for.  I researched  social work  at NYU and Columbia.  They were outstanding programs but something wasn’t quite right for me.  A friend suggested the MFT program at Fairfield.  Right away I began my due diligence and realized quickly that I had found my new home. The application process itself was the beginning of my new journey; writing a resume, getting recommendations, dusting off my 23 year old undergrad transcript, etc.  I matriculated in May 2007 and have never looked back.  My internship has been more than I could have hoped for with interesting cases and supportive supervision.  In addition to my coursework (excellent classes!) and clinical training I have had the opportunity to work as a graduate assistant.  It’s a fast paced environment in which I thrive.  My co-grad assistant Laura Fishman and I share responsibilities in our little office as we help support our in-house clinic (the Family Counseling Center at Fairfield University), our professors and fellow students.  I graduate next spring and am looking forward to a stimulating and rewarding future as I continue to learn in ways that will help me help others.

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