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Tiffany Harris

I’ve always known that I wanted a career that not only allowed me to interact with other people, but at the end of the day, left me with the feeling that I’ve made a small difference. As a graduate student of this program, I have to be honest and admit that I was very nervous my first semester. Looking around each classroom made me very aware of the qualities that made up my minority status: I was fresh out of undergrad, young, and bi-racial. I was concerned about my own capabilities and began to wonder whether I put both feet in the water too early. My peers and professors noticed the same qualities that I saw myself, and they probably don’t know this, but they helped me see that these same traits can be both benefits and liabilities. Through courses such as ethics and pre-practicum, I feel very prepared for instances in which my experience or age may be questioned.

Working at the Stamford Counseling Center has been a great experience for me. I couldn’t ask for a better way to attain diversity and variety amongst my cases. Working in their probation program has taught me an enormous amount of patience. While many of the clients are mandated by their probation officers to attend therapy, I quickly learned that this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be present. Thus I make sure that I always have phone calls to make or paperwork to do in case a client does not show up. I’ve also developed relationships with the probation officers, and have been educated on some of the actions that are taken once a person is arrested and on probation. The biggest challenge that I have had at my site, is encouraging probation clients to bring other family members into the therapy room. However, I continue to persevere and use some of the techniques that have been given to me by my professors and my colleagues.

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