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Licensing Exam Hell…the conclusion

Several weeks ago I posted about a friend’s torment leading up to and then following the MFT licensing exam. After having to wait a miserable 45 business days she was stunned to learn that she had indeed passed! Of course her excitment was mitigated by the news that her close friend and study partner who along with her had studied and toiled for many months  to prepare for the exam, had failed by less than 10 points. This was devestating news for both women as well as to all of the people who were cheering them on and assurring them that their worst fear would likely never be realized… myself included.

Silver Lining…

I hear that my friend’s study partner has re-grouped and will take the exam again in September knowing that she now has the advantage of having been exposed to the exam and the way that the questions are posed (which is no small thing!)  She’s also more relaxed realizing that her worst fear has already happened. Onward and upward,  that’s all that’s left!

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