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Building a Private Practice

Going Solo / Part 4: The Therapist/Entrepreneur

Great! You have the desire, the vision and the plan to create your own practice, but where do the clients come from?

A pretty office is great, but it’s better if it’s filled with clients. Networking is key, but where, with whom? Remember that key I gave you 2 weeks ago, shameless self-promotion? Well here we go. The number one mistake that companies make is that they have an initial flood of “pressing the flesh” and networking, resulting in some new clients, and then they stop.

Law #1: You Are Never Done.

Every place you go, every person you meet, every gathering of your potential client profile is a mandatory for promotion. Put business cards up in the local supermarkets and restaurants, and replenish them regularly. Have cards with you at all times, you never know when someone you meet might know someone who needs a therapist. Be proud. Be proactive. You will not shrink your way to greatness (or self-sufficiency).

Katherine Allen is a graduate of Fairfield University’s MFT program. She has worked in several agency settings; namely FSW Bridgeport, Family & Children’s Agency in Norwalk, and Family ReEntry in Norwalk and Bridgeport. Katherine also brings 16 years of leadership, advertising and design experience to her private group practice, Marriage & Family Therapy of Trumbull (MFT3) Check out the blog at

You can find Katherine on LinkedIn (,, Twitter (@mft3), Facebook (katal1967), and Social Networking for Therapists and Mental Health Professionals ( She is a member of Ladies Who Launch, Fairfield County. Katherine has appeared on WGCH 1490 AM on the “One Smart Mother” show ( and will be a guest again on September 29, at 9am.

Contact Katherine at if you’d like her to consult with you in opening or building your private practice.





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