Alumni, Community and Student Engagement Initiatives

A Great Opportunity

On November 21, 2009 the CTAMFT sponsored a Student Networking Breakfast at Naugatuck Youth and Family Servicesd in Naugutuck, CT and it was a huge success. There were over 40 MFT students at various stages in the program at the various schools in Connecticut. In addition to  breakfast, the event included information on the licensing exam, the post masters degree job market, when and how to get on insurance panels and how to complete the necessary paperwork, MFT in schools and many other topics by 5 different speakers. The speakers included many past and present CTAMFT board members as well as LMFT’s that have been working in the field for many years.

As one of the speakers, the thing that struck me most about being there was how much I wished there had been such an event when I was in school. So much important and beneficial information was presented, not to mention having the opportunity to meet MFT students from other programs and the opportunity to talk with seasoned clinicians (and potential employers) in our field.

I know that we’re all busy and have many things to do, but I would encourage all Fairfield MFT students and those who are recently licensed to make a point to attend the next Student Networking event, or any other events that provide opportunities to network with current and future members of our field. Ours is a small community and the more people you know the better. If you’re feeling bad about missing this one, not to worry…I hear there’s another one being planned for the spring!

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