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Searching for a Clinical Position- Searching

The day after I posted my last blog, I got a phone call from a friend from school.  “There is a position at my job, I already told the clinical Director about you” she said.   I didn’t even remember telling her that I was looking!  This is what networking is about, letting other people help you in your search.  It works.  So keep it up.  Tell everyone you know!   In addition, try making new connections, reach out and introduce yourself to new people. 

So lets network more indirectly with the internet and search for company advertisements for open positions.   You can begin your search broadly to see what is out in the market or a more narrow focus if you know an exact direction you would like your career to take, for example “only hospitals”.  Taking a broad view here are a bunch of sites that are some of my favorites:

There are many titles to search try “clinician, family therapist, therapist, social worker, marriage and family therapist”.  At most sites you can search, set up email alerts to let you know of recent postings and in some places post your resume for employers can search you.   I have alerts coming to my email all the time, even when I am not looking I like to know which employers are hiring.

Lets say you know a particular place you want to work, go directly to that site.  Figure out the management team, see if you know anyone that works there and search for a way to make an introduction through a connection.  Even without a connection still apply.  Most emails are on the website.  Even if they aren’t looking now they may be later or they haven’t advertised yet and you resume came across someone’s desk. 

You recall in my first post, your resume and cover letter may get a 30 second look. When you apply for a position you are thinking of the reader.  You want to make it as easy as possible for them.  If the advertisement states we are looking for X, Y and Z.  Don’t let them try to figure out how you qualify.  In your cover letter you state, here is how X, Y and Z are presented in my resume.  Remember your cover letter is the first impression the company has of you, make it a good professional one.

Reach out to me at the email below with questions/comments or wanting to make in introduction!

Susan E. Kotulsky graduated Fairfield’s MFT program in May 2009 and is currently working per diem for Horizon’s in Bridgeport, CT.  Horizon’s is an inpatient substance abuse facility for individuals with a primary diagnosis of substance dependence.  She is also an HR Consultant and worked in the Human Resources profession for 20 years.  She can be reached at

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