The Newest Member of our Team

Becca Constantine is the newest member of our Office of Service Learning team. She comes to us from Northampton, Massachusetts, by way of a year in AmeriCorps NCCC. Becca is here under our AmeriCorps VISTA grant and will be in our office all year helping create and develop our service-learning course opportunities. She loves volunteering, travel, and spending time talking with students. We sat down with Becca to ask her a few questions as she settles into life as a Stag.

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Danielle: Becca, you have already completed a year of AmeriCorps service in NCCC focused around disaster relief. What would you say inspires you towards service?

Becca: I serve because I can. All of us, both here at Fairfield and in our greater communities, have something to offer to our fellow humans. It only takes a smile, ten minutes of conversation, or a morning helping build a house to change both someone else’s life and your own. Service is by far the most educational and rewarding way I’ve ever found to connect with my community and with our world.

Danielle: Can you tell us about your background in NCCC and what has motivated you towards a different type of service through AmeriCorps VISTA?

Becca: In 2010, I completed ten months, comprising over 1800 hours of service, with AmeriCorps NCCC. My ten-member team traveled up and down the east coast of the US to engage in a range of service projects. We created nature trails in Massachusetts, planted trees on urban streets in Maryland, gutted out flooded houses in Tennessee (i.e., took out walls, floors, and insulation that had sustained water damage), and delivered materials to Habitat for Humanity build sites in New Orleans, Louisiana. AmeriCorps NCCC is an intensely challenging service experience, but one of the most rewarding I could possibly imagine.

This year, I get to spend my second AmeriCorps term here at Fairfield University. Through VISTA, I’ll be helping build capacity and sustainability through strong community partnerships in the Office of Service Learning. VISTA’s focus on developing strategies to alleviate and eliminate poverty and this student body’s emphasis on and commitment to humanitarian action made this program a perfect fit.

Danielle: You are clearly very dedicated to your work. Who are the people in your life that have served as models, influencing your life and career choices?

Becca: My parents. They’ve always been incredibly supportive of my decision to choose service over higher-paying jobs, encouraging me to find what I love and commit to it wholeheartedly. We’ll always have the greatest success when we choose to pursue that which we believe in and love.

Danielle: What has attracted you to Fairfield University?

Becca: The students here are passionate about making our world a better place and willing to put in the work it takes to get there. Few universities have such strong service-learning academic programs and Fairfield’s has succeeded largely because the students here want to be the change and have the drive and commitment to become service leaders both in the Fairfield-Bridgeport community and in our global community.

Danielle: Stag pride is an essential part of working at Fairfield U. What makes you most excited about becoming a Stag?

Becca: I’m by far the most excited to put names to faces and meet our awesome student body. Go STAGS!

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