From Liaison to Associate

       Last semester I was asked to be a Service Learning Associate and had a great experience sitting in on the meetings and learning what it is all about.  I was sort of a liaison between the Service Learning office and my advisor, who was interested in changing her Pediatrics class to a Service Learning class.  I was able to get a feel what for it means to be a Service Learning Associate but because I wasn’t in the community yet I had a different experience than most associates.  I was able to work one on one with my Faculty advisor in order to prepare for the community involvement this semester.  Together we gained knowledge of the components of Service Learning and the importance of establishing relationships with community partners.

            This semester I will actually be going into the community with a brand new Service Learning class and I am very excited.   I will be able to teach them what I have learned from our reflection meetings and expand their awareness of the importance of being involved in the community.

~Jennifer Delsole, Service Learning Associate