Mass Media and Society in Library

Last semester I was a student in the Mass Media and Society Class with Dr. Gisela Gil-Egui.  We attended service-learning sessions in Bridgeport, CT at the Black Rock Library.  Attending these sessions really opened my eyes to a new kind of experience, learning about working with the library patrons, while connecting those sessions with the classroom component.  My service-learning associate encouraged me to look into becoming an associate myself.  I was very interested in the opportunity to advance from a student to an associate for the class.

This semester I am the Service Learning Associate for that same Mass Media and Society class and it has been very interesting thus far.  It’s been challenging as well as rewarding acting as a liaison between the Service Learning Partners, Dr. Gil-Egui, and the Fairfield students.  It has been very cool to assist the Fairfield students regarding questions that they have had about the service aspect.  The same questions I had when I was in their position last semester.

~Meg Delaney, Service Learning Associate