Words from an (Almost) Graduate

As a Service Learning Associate, this semester has been very rewarding.  The service learning class Literacy and Language class that I am working with, tutors children in the Ceasar Batalla school.  Last year, the service learning class I took for my Peace and Justice Capstone allowed me to tutor Anessa at the McGivney Center.  Anessa was amazing to spend time with because she always made my day even better.  It was a one of kind experience tutoring her and having that time to learn through the experience in an educational point and in a personal way.

As I watch the students in the Literacy and Language class tutor students in Ceasar Batalla, I remember those times that I spent on Mondays and Thursdays in the Mcivney Center committing myself to the experience and I see that with the students in Betsy Bowen’s class because they are devoted to the service learning component of the class.  Service Learning adds to the class by giving the interactive aspect of the class.  It shows the significance of service learning.  This semester I had the opportunity to meet other Service Learning Associates and share our experiences and learn from one another.

-Lourdes Torres , Service Learning Associate